Muslim Boys Names begining with M

Name             Pronunciation           Meaning
Maad             Ma'd                    Old Arabic name 
Maati            Maati'                  Good at everything
Mabrook          Mabrook                 Blessed, Prosperous, Congratulations
Madani           Madani                  Urban, civilized, modern 
Madeeh           Madeeh                  Praised, Commendable
Madhat           Madhat                  Praise
Mahasin          Mahaasin                Beauty, Attraction, Virtue
Mahbub, Mahboob  Mahboob                 Beloved, dear 
Mahdi            Mahdi                   Guided to the right path 
Maheen           Maheen                  Fine, Thin
Mahfuz, Mahfooz  Mahfooz                 Safe, protected by God 
Mahir            Maahir                  Skilful, Able
Mahja            Mahja'                  Fixed abode, Hostel
Mahjub           Mahjoob                 Concealed, veiled 
Mahmud, Mahmoud, Mahmood                 The praised one; variation of the name Muhammad" 
Mahrus           Mahroos                 Guarded, Protected (by God) 
Mahtab           Maahtaab                Moon, Moonlight
Mahzuz           Mahzooz                 Fortunate
Maimoon, Maimun, Maimoon                 Lucky , Fortunate
Maisur           Maisoor                 Easy, Successful, Fortunate
Majd             Majd                    Glory 
Majd al Din      Majd al Din             Glory of the Faith 
Majdy, Majdi     Majdy                   Glorious, Praiseworthy
Majeed, Majid    Majeed                  Glorious 
Makhdoom         Makhdoom                Master, Employer
Makin            Makeen                  Strong, firm, well-founded 
Makram           Makram                  Noble trait, Excellent quality
Malih            Maalih                  Handsome
Malik            Maalik                  Master, king 
Maluf            Maloof                  Familiar, Popular
Mamdooh,Mamdouh, Mamdooh                 One who is commended, praised, glorified 
Mamoon           Ma'mun                  Trustworthy, trusted, Honest, Faithful;
                                         (Al Mamoon- Seventh Abbasid Caliph)
Mamshuq          Mamshooq                Slim
Man, Maan        Ma'an                   To accept the truth
Manal            Manaal                  Attainment, Acquisition
Mandhur          Mandhur                 Vowed, consecrated to God 
Mane             Maani'                  One who prevents, Strong, Secure
Manfaat          Manfa'at                Profit, Useful service
Manhal           Manhal                  Fountain, Spring of salubrious water
Mannan           Mannan                  Benevolent, Bountiful
Mansab           Mansab                  Office, Dignity
Mansoor, Mansur  Mansoor                 Divinely aided, victorious, protected
Manus            Maanoos                 Friendly, Sociable
Manzar           Manzar                  Sight, View
Manzoor          Manzoor                 Afreed, Approved, Acceptable, Admired
Maqbool          Maqbool                 Accepted, Popular, Agreed, approved
Maqil            Ma'qil                  Intelligent
Maqsood          Maqsood                 Intended, Proposed
Maram            Maraam                  Wish, Desire
Maratib          Maraatib                Degrees, Dignities
Marghoob,Marghub Marghoob                Desirable, Coveted, Amiable
Marid            Marid                   Rebellious 
Marjan           Marjaan                 Small pearls, Corals
Maruf            Ma'roof                 Well-known, Famous, Good 
Marwan           Marwaan                 Fragrance-giving tree 
Marzooq, Marzuq  Marzooq                 Blessed by God, fortunate 
Mashal, Mashaal  Mash'al                 Torch 
Mashhood         Mashhood                Witnessed, Present
Mashhur          Mashhoor                Famous 
Mashkoor         Mashkoor                Praiseworthy, Thankful
Mashooq          Ma'shooq                Beloved, Sweetheart
Masir            Maseer                  Destiny, Goal
Masood           Mas'ood                 Blessed, Fortunate, happy, lucky
Masroor, Masrur  Masroor                 Glad, Pleased, Happy, joyful
Masoom, Masum    Ma'soom                 Innocent, Infalliable
Masoon, Masun    Masoon                  Well-protected, sheltered 
Mateen           Mateen                  Firm, Strong
Matloob          Matloob                 Aim, Goal
Mauhoob          Mauhoob                 Gifted, Talented, Endowed
Mausoof          Mausoof                 Worthy of Description, Endowed with qualitites
Mawahib          Mawahib                 Gifts, Talents
Mawdood          Mawdood                 Beloved, Attached
Mayiz            Mayiz                   Distinguished
Maysara,Maysarah Maysara                 Of comfort, ease 
Mazhar           Mazhar                  A place of spectacle, Appearance, Manifestation
Mazid            Mazeed                  Increase, Excess, More
Mazin            Maazin                  The one who praises 
Meer             Meer                    Mayor, Leader; Name of a great Urdu poet
Mehtab           Mehtaab                 The Moon
Memar            Me'maar                 A Builder
Mibsam           Mibsaam                 Smiling a lot
Miftah           Miftaah                 A key
Mihran           Mihran                  Name of a companion of the Prophet 
Mihyar           Mihyar                  Name of a famous poet 
Mijwad           Mijwaad                 Very generous
Mikail           Mika'il                 Name of an Angel (Michael) 
Mimrah           Mimraah                 Cheerful, Lively
Minhaj           Minhaaj                 Way, Program
Minnat           Minnat                  Grace, Kindness, Favour
Miqdad           Miqdaad                 Obedient; Name of a Sahabi 
Miqdam           Miqdaam                 Bold, Courageous
Miraj            Mi'raaj                 Ladder, Ascent
Mirsab           Mirsaab                 Prudent
Misaq            Mithaaq                 Agreement, Covenant
Misbah           Misbaah                 Lamp, Light
Mishaal          Mish'al                 Torch, light 
Miskeen          Miskeen                 Poor, Miserable
Mistah           Mistah                  An instrument of making things
Miwan            Miwaan                  A great helper of the people
Miyaz            Miyaz                   Distinguished, preferred 
Mizan            Meezaan                 Balance, Scales
Moeen, Moyeen    Mo'een                  Fountain, Spring
Mohtashim        Mohtashim               Magnificient
Moonis           Moonis                  Companion, Consoler
Muaawin          Mu'aawin                Assistant, Helper, Supporter
Muadh            Mu'adh                  Protected; name of a companion 
Muallim          Mu'allim                Educator, Perceptor
Muammar          Mu'ammar                Building, Long living person
Muawiyah         Mu'awiyah               Young fox (first Umayyad Caliph) 
Muawwad          Mua'wwadh               Compensated
Muayyad          Mu'ayyad                Supported (by God) 
Muazzam          Mu'azzam                Magnified, Respected
Mubarak          Mubarak                 Happy, blessed 
Mubin            Mubin                   Clear, evident 
Mudar            Mudar                   An Arabian tribe; 
					 name of a great-grandfather of the Prophet 
Muddaththir      Muddaththir             Covered; a title of the Prophet 
Mueed, Moyeed    Mu'eed                  The restorer, A person who gives shelter
Mufid, Mufeed    Mufeed                  Useful, helpful 
Muflih           Muflih                  Successful 
Muhab            Muhab                   Dignified 
Muhair, Muhayr   Muhair                  Skilled 
Muhammad,        Muhammad                Praised, praiseworthy; the name of the rophet 
Muhanna          Muhanna                 Happy, delighted 
Muhannad,        Muhannad                Sword 
Muhib            Muhib                   Noble, respected 
Muhibb           Muhibb                  Loving 
Muhsin           Muhsin                  Beneficient, charitable 
Muhtadi          Muhtadi                 Rightly guided 
Muin, Moin       Mu'in                   Supporter, helper 
Muizz, Moiz      Mu'izz                  Comforter 
Mujab            Mujab                   One whose prayers were answered 
Mujahid          Mujahid                 Fighter (in the way of Allah) 
Mukarram         Mukarram                Honored 
Mukhlis          Mukhlis                 Faithful, sincere 
Mukhtar          Mukhtar                 Chosen 
Mulham           Mulham                  Inspired 
Mulhim           Mulhim                  Inspiring 
Mummar           Mu'mmar                 Given or granted long life 
Mumin, Momin     Mu'min                  Believer 
Mumtaz           Mumtaz                  Excellent 
Munahid          Munahid                 Strong 
Mundhir          Mundhir                 Warner, cautioner 
Munib            Munib                   Repentent 
Munif            Munif                   Exalted, excellent 
Munir, Muneer    Muneer                  Brilliant, shining 
Munis            Mu'nis                  Pleasant companion 
Munjid           Munjid                  Helper 
Munsif           Munsif                  Just, right 
Muntasir         Muntasir                Victorious 
Murad            Murad                   Wanted, desired 
Murshid          Murshid                 Guide 
Murtada,         Murtada                 Satisfied, contented, pleased 
Murtadi, Murtadhy  
Musa, Moosa      Moosa                   Prophet's name (Moses) 
Musab            Mus'ab                  Old Arabic name 
Musad            Mus'ad                  Unfettered camel; favored by fortune, lucky 
Musaid           Musa'id                 Helper, supporter 
Mushtaq          Mushtaq                 Longing, yearning 
Muslih           Muslih                  Conciliator, reformer 
Mustafa          Mustafa                 Chosen; one of the Prophet's names 
Muta             Muta'                   Obeyed 
Mutasim          Mu'tasim                Adhering (to faith, to God), Saved from sins;
                                         Name of Abbasid Caliph
Mutawalli        Mutawalli               Entrusted 
Mutazz           Mu'tazz                 Proud, honorable 
Muthanna         Muthanna                Old Arabic name 
Muti             Muti                    Obedient 
Muwaffaq         Muwaffaq                Successful 
Muyassar         Muyassar                Fortunate, facilitated 
Muzaffar         Muzaffar                Victorious 
Muzzammil        Muzzammil               One who is wrapped up; a title of the Prophet 


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