Muslim Boys Names begining with L

Name             Pronunciation           Meaning
Labeed           Labeed                  A great Pre-Islamic poet of Arabia
Labib, Labeeb    Labeeb                  Sensible, intelligent, reasonable
Lablab           Lablab                  Ivy 
Laeeq            La'eeiq                 Skillful, Eligible
Latif            Lateef                  Gentle, kind, pleasant, friendly 
Layth            Layth                   Lion 
Layyin           Layyin                  Tender
Liyaqat          Liyaaqat                Decency, Competence
Louay            Lu'ay                   Shield 
Lubaid, Lubayd   Lubayd                  Old Arabic name 
Luqman           Luqmaan                 Wise; Name of a great servant of Allah mentioned in 
                                         the Quraan
Lut              Loot                    A Prophet's name (Lot) 
Lutf             Lutf                    Enjoyment, Entertainment
Lutfi            Lutfi                   Kind, Friendly, Gentle, Courteous


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