Islamophobia in Canada

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17/11/2017 Nearly Half of Canadians Have Negative Feelings Towards Islam: Poll - Vice
10/11/2017 Bill 62 Is The Result Of A Country's Failure To Decolonize
01/11/2017 The Trump effect in Canada: A 600 per cent increase in online hate speech - The Conversation
25/10/2017 Quebec passes controversial face veil ban - Al Jazeera
31/01/2017 Québec City mosque attack: man charged with six counts of murder - The Guardian
30/01/2017 Quebec City mosque attack: Six dead and eight injured - Al Jazeera
12/11/2016 Canada bans Islamophobia … and that's just the start
04/07/2016 Ontario facing ‘epidemic of Islamophobia’ survey finds
04/07/2016 Calgary among 6 Canadian cities to sign charter against Islamophobia
20/06/2016 Pig's head left outside Quebec City mosque puts spotlight on Islamophobia
29/11/2015 Cold Lake mosque vandalized for second time
22/11/2015 This is what Islamophobia looks like in Canada
15/10/2015 Islamophobia is a winning card in Canada
01/10/2015 Quebec Muslims Face Uncomfortable Spotlight in Election
14/08/2015 Overcoming Islamophobia: Fear is never the best basis for action
10/08/2015 Young Muslim Canadians You Don't Hear About on the News
06/08/2015 Islam's Lunatic Fringe and Islamophobes Have a Lot in Common
17/05/2015 Canada's plan to make boycotting Israel a 'hate crime' is stupid and counterproductive
03/04/2015 Woman says she was attacked on Montreal subway for wearing a hijab
27/03/2015 Rania El-Alloul, kicked out of Quebec court for wearing hijab, fights back
02/03/2015 Islamophobia sells in Canada
10/11/2014 Quebec City, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu mosques vandalized
06/11/2013 Quebec Muslim women 'scared to walk alone'
30/09/2013 Islamophobia in Canada
02/12/2012 "More settler than the settlers": Canada's UN policy and Israel
29/03/2010 Quebec's witch hunt against niqabi minority
06/08/2009 Muslim journalist in Canada called "Bin Laden" and punched in head
10/05/2008 Canada Muslims File Cartoon Complaint - Islam Online
16/09/2007 It's a 'rallying point for Muslim bashers'
23/08/2007 3rd attack on Mississauga mosque alarms Muslims
21/06/2007 Little Mosque Honored for Humanizing Muslims
16/04/2007 Islamophobia/Hijab Ban in Canada: Quebecers Decry Taekwondo Hijab Ban
08/02/2007 Canadians show least bias toward Muslims
21/01/2007 Anti-Muslim incidents on the rise
29/09/2006 Canada Apologizes to Innocent Arar
27/09/2006 No motive yet in Ramadan arson at a west end Islamic school
26/09/2006 Hate comes knocking on mosque's doorstep
30/06/2006 'Islamophobia' fears cited: The Ontario Human Rights Commission is concerned by a rise in discrimination
10/06/2006 Robert Fisk: How racism has invaded Canada
26/06/2005 Inquiry Exposes Canada's Role in 'Renditions' - Washington Post
19/12/2004 Canada's `dirty little secret'


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