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Islamic Hajj, Jewish Haj, and Near East Peace - IslamiCity

Getting Ready for Hajj - Physically, Mentally and Spiritually - Hajja Saira, IslamiCity

Hajj - The Spiritual Climax - Ebrahim M. A. El-Khouly, IslamiCity

The story of Ibrahim as told by the Quran - Dr Musharraf Hussain

Short History of Hajj - IslamiCity

My Journey Inside Kaa'ba - Yusuf Mansuri, IslamiCity

Seven Reasons to Perform Hajj While Young - Ibn Shaima, IslamiCity


Can I take selfies on Hajj? - Shuaib Webb, IslamiCity

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18/08/2017 Turkey fulfills wish of Ghanaian villager dreaming of Hajj
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20/10/2015 2015 hajj stampede deadliest ever as foreign governments put toll at 1,849
22/09/2015 Mecca's $7,000-per-night makeshift room
23/09/2015 Muslims gather at Mount Arafah for Hajj pinnacle
15/09/2015 Obscurity of Al-Hajar Al-Aswad – An Enigma
31/07/2015 Mahmoud Churchward: The First British Guest of Allah
04/10/2014 In Pictures: The Hajj pilgrimage
21/09/2014 Record Number of Malawians Embark on Hajj
20/09/2014 Turkish Cypriot pilgrims gear up for Hajj
19/09/2014 Ingush leader Yunus-Bek Yevkurov to make first hajj
17/09/2014 Over 14,000 Chinese Muslims to perform Hajj pilgrimage
16/09/2014 Israeli passport still a no-go for the Mecca-bound
06/09/2014 China's first convoy of Hajj pilgrims leaves Ningxia
25/11/2010 Part two: All pilgrims are equal but some are more equal than others
19/11/2010 Hajj help at hand for the disabled
19/11/2010 Broken promises for Hajj Pakistanis
18/11/2010 Between piety and consumerism
17/11/2010 Hajj streamlines ritual slaughter
17/11/2010 Part one: All pilgrims are equal but some are more equal than others
16/11/2010 No room for terrorism in Islam: Haj sermon
16/11/2010 Hajj rituals test Saudi Arabian authorities
15/11/2010 British Muslims join the pilgrims at a record-breaking hajj
15/11/2010 India: The luck of the draw
14/11/2010 Mecca makeover: how the hajj has become big business for Saudi Arabia
14/11/2010 Pedalling to the pilgrimage
03/12/2008 E. Europe Free Hajj…Reverts First
04/12/2007 UN Passports, Poverty Dent Kosovo Hajj
03/12/2007 Hajj a Dream Come True for Gazans
29/11/2007 Dear Hajj 2007 Pilgrims
29/01/2007 Chechnya: Epic Bicycle Hajj
28/12/2006 Hajj and the Neglected Legacy of a Great Woman
28/12/2006 A Journey of the Heart - Washington Post
27/12/2006 What is the Hajj? - BBC
27/12/2006 Pilgrims Ready for Hajj Start
26/12/2006 Hajj Unites Iraqis
25/12/2006 Romania Reverts Find Solace in Hajj
22/12/2006 German Unifying Austrian Pilgrims
20/12/2006 Mauritanian Pilgrims Pray for "Plane"
13/12/2006 Moroccans Unhappy With "Official" Hajj
11/12/2006 French Pilgrims Fear Swindlers
11/12/2006 Kosovans Embark on Hajj
13/01/2006 At least 345 die in stampede at pilgrimage
12/01/2006 345 Dead in Jamrat Tragedy
11/01/2006 In pictures: Eid al-Adha
04/01/2006 Farrukh on `Umrah: Touching a Piece of Paradise
02/01/2006 Romanian Muslims Vie for Charge-free Hajj
01/01/2006 Young Egyptians Increasingly Going on Hajj
01/01/2006 More Canadian Muslims Perform Hajj
28/12/2005 Macedonian, Bosnian Pilgrims Increase
27/12/2005 Makkah Swings Into Action to Serve Pilgrims
24/12/2005 Kenyan Muslims Perform Hajj Despite Restrictions
22/12/2005 Morocco Seeks Smoother Hajj Trips
21/12/2005 Filipino Muslims Miss Hajj Over Economic Hardships
21/12/2005 Despite High Cost, Russian Pilgrims Surge
17/12/2005 France Issues Hajj Guide, Media Showing Interest
12/12/2005 German Muslims Dream of Trouble-free Hajj
03/01/2005 French Pilgrims Mostly Youth
24/12/2004 7,000 Russians to Perform Hajj
01/02/2004 Hajj a return to centre and origin of Islam


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Dhu'l-Hijjah: Twelth (last) month of Islamic calendar

Eid-ul-Adhaa (Bakri Eid)

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