Dua (Supplications)


The Power of Dua - Khalid Baig

Some Hadith on Dua

What is Sincere Repentance?

Where there is du'a there is hope

The Merit of making Du'a

Prayer & supplication: Must it be in Arabic?

Best Times to make Dua (Supplication)

Why our Du'as are not answered


Fortress of the Muslim - Invocations from Quran & Sunnah

40 Rabbana's - pdf copy here.

The 6 Kalimas

Ayat al Kursi: the Verse of the Throne

Duas for Forgivness (Astaghfar)

Essential Du'as / Supplications (with Arabic text)

Quranic Supplications

Dua's for Students

When Waking up

Supplication when wearing a garment

Supplication before entering a toilet

When starting ablution

Supplication when leaving home

Supplication on Mosque

Supplication on Laylatul Qadr night


Mutmainaa's Dua Page

Essential Dua's - Islam.tc

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