Some Photos from Denmark

Jacob Holdt

Photo taken at a demonstration against the Danish racism at a Muslim woman showing her allegiance to the Danish flag.


Picture taken at a demonstration against Danish racism in Copenhagen. The Muslims show their allegiance to Denmark, but the Danes turn their backs on them.....with the result that the Muslims often end up reverting to the cultural patterns they left or directly fled from.


Muslim woman listening to Sherin Khankan


The Nazis are demonstrating to get the foreigners out of Denmark.


Danish Nazis marching


Muslim sister solidarity in Denmark


Iranian woman demonstrates against stoning in front of Christiansborg, the Danish parliament. But most of the public stoning has been conducted by the Danish politicians in recent years.


Poster against the racism of the politicians and the population towards immigrants in the summer of 2002.


The yearly gay parade goes through the culturally very reactionary immigrant neighborhoods. Denmark ranks as the freest country in the world for homosexuals


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