Islam and Muslims in Denmark

Capital: Copenhagen
Population: 5.4 Million
Muslims Percent: 3% (approx 170,000 people)

Islam in Denmark

Introduction to Islam and other religions in Denmark

Muslims a threat to Danish Religion

No Muslims for us please, we are Danes

A Muslim Girl in Denmark

Photos of Danish Muslims

Anti-Prophet Danish Cartoons News and Articles

15/02/06 Denmark's new values - The Guardian
13/02/06 Vandals in Denmark Strike Muslim Graves
12/01/06 Five Danes guilty of Iraq abuse - BBC
16/12/05 The Danish People's Party's new spokesman on education affairs describes Islam as a terrorist movement
10/12/05 Replacement candidate: Islam is terror
03/10/05 Danish politician rapped over racism - AL Jazeera
30/08/05 Eyeing terror charge, Danes seek to keep balance - Washington Post
17/08/05 Denmark targets extremist media - BBC
04/08/05 Danish Radio to be Closed Over Anti-Muslim Remarks - Islam Online
08/06/05 Arson highlights Danish tensions - BBC
15/04/05 Danish Queen Says Islam Poses Global Threat - Islam Online
15/04/05 We must show our opposition to Islam, says Danish queen - Telegraph, UK
14/04/05 Danish queen raps radical Islam - BBC
05/02/05 Imams Urge Danish Muslims to Vote - Islam Online
21/01/05 Denmark rejects headscarf plea - BBC
22/11/04 Danish schools urged to root out Islamic extremism - Middle East Online
20/09/04 Denmark to Teach Qur’an at Secondary Schools - Islam Online
12/05/04 Muslims accuse Danish TV of incitement to religious hatred - Turkish Press
29/03/04 Danish police seek Muslim support
19/02/04 Denmark shuts out Muslim clerics - Guardian, UK
18/02/04 Danish clampdown on radical imams - BBC
18/02/04 Denmark to get tough on Muslim clerics - Times, UK
08/09/02 Danish Politicians Outraged By Article On Muslims Integrating In Denmark
07/10/01 No time for coffee in Copenhagen - The Hindu, India
19/04/99 Where are my Muslim brethren? - New Statesman, UK


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