Diabetes leaflet lauched for Ramadhan

By Asian Image reporter
Saturday 8th September 2007


An information leaflet giving advice to people who will be taking medicines for diabetes during Ramadhan has been launched.

It came in response to an idea put forward by Community Pharmacists Maqsud Patel and Riaz Hinglotwala.

Lindsay Holden, Head of Medicines Management, for Blackburn with Darwen Teaching PCT says, "We are aware that Ramadhan is a special month in the Islamic calendar, during which Muslims fast during daylight hours and this means the timing and nature of dietary intake is considerably altered.

"To manage diabetes, it is important to control diet and take medication and this can often be a problem as during fasting no medication is taken.

"Consequently we took the decision to publish this easy to follow guide to help patients who have diabetes to manage their condition whilst fasting.

"We expect high demand for the leaflet as the prevalence of diabetes in the Asian population is much higher than the general population and continues to rise."

Community Pharmacist, Maqsud Patel said, "The booklet Diabetes and Ramadhan' was produced in consultation with local GPs, mosques and the East Lancashire Diabetic Network.

"It gives practical advice on dietary measures and medication and includes information to assist patients in making more informed choices on the food they eat, medication matters and advice on possible complications and remedies."

Lindsay Holden adds, "Managing medicines during Ramadhan can be very difficult and because of fasting many people do not take them at all. This booklet is a welcome development as people with diabetes need information


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