The Torments of Hell

If only you knew the torments of hell

It is the worst of places where anyone could dwell

It is in existence even as we speak

And for its inhabitants the outlook is bleak

On the day of rising, hell will be in view

A terrible sight, if only you knew

It will be brought forward by 70,000 reigns

And 70,000 angels will be on each of those chains

After burning for a thousand years , itís flames turned white

A thousand more years, now itís as black as the night

You think the flames are bearable, youíre totally wrong

The flames are of hell are sixty nine times as strong

In a flash it will disintegrate all of your bones

The hellfire will be fuelled by man and stones

The thickness of your skin will greatly increase

Causing your threshold for pain to greatly decrease

The people in hell are there to stay

They will melt to nothing, 70,000 times in a day

70 years it will take, for a stone that is thrown

to hit the bottom of hell and it wonít be alone

the food of hell resembles a devilís head

and to drink, boiling water and blood bright red

which cuts up the bowels, everything will fall out

the inhabitants of hell will scream and shout

some will be taken out by Almighty Allahís command

but the polytheists will stay eternally damned

take up islam, the only way to succeed

and if you donít, youíre unfortunate indeed

brothers and sisters, help determine your fate

once you see hellfire, itíll be far too late


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