Salaat is a basic pillar of islam

It is mentioned again and again in the Quran

The importance of prayer is in seven hundred places

But in the mosque,do you see many young faces?

Praying in the mosque gives 27 times the reward

Pray with the intention that you’re pleasing your Lord

When you walk to the mosque,just remember within

You gain a reward and you’re losing a sin

For every step towards your destination

This is a blessing from Allah swt to his creation

The Quran has foretold, that before you are dead

‘say your prayers before your prayers are said’

our prophet saws said about those who miss prayer

fifteen punishments they’ll have to bear

six in this life,three on passing away

three in the grave and three on judgement day

for missing fajr at the start of the day

the glow of the face is taken away

the punishment for missing the salaat of zohar

there will be no blessing from your income no more

for missing asr, the middle prayer of the day

the strength of the body is taken away

by missing maghrib, remember one thing

you will not be benefited by your offspring

for missing ishaa at the end of the day

the peace of your sleep will be taken away

while seeing elders pray at the mosque door

remember as a young person, your reward is 70 times more

read salaat punctually, read it with care

on judgement day, we will be asked about prayer

that’s the first question, so take this advice

salaat is the key to paradise

spread this word to muslim sisters and brothers

salaat will separate muslims from others

salaat is a blessing which Allah swt gave

it will intercede and protect us in the grave

when it comes eventually, to the day of rising

the believers body washed by wudu will be shining

for the believers who are regular in offering salaat

it becomes a light of guidance on the pul-siraat

don’t miss the prayer asr at any cost

it will be like your family and wealth is lost

the ayat-ul-kursi after fard, should be read

it will lead you to paradise (insha Allah) after you’re dead

not reading salaat will lead you to hell

surrounded by serpants in a deep well

read your salaat whilst still in your prime

and read the durood shareef in your spare time

you’ll get ten rewards, the Lord (insha Allah) will accept your pleas

and you’ll be closer to Allah swt by ten more degrees

so embrace islam with all your heart

and remember the key is reading salaat


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