What is the purpose of this life?

What is the purpose of this life?

Money, holidays, a beautiful wife?

There is no point in us denying

Each heart beat brings us closer to dying

Youíll breathe your last

Your life will have past

Donít pretend

Deathís not the end

You will taste death, death never waited

Look around you, everythingís created

It has a creator, it has a meaning

A mother gives birth and then comes itís weaning

The sun rises and gives us light

It sets, then falls, the blanket of night

The plants all grow, when falls the rain

They give fruits to man, and they too will wane

Why does man think that he will get away?

Spending life aimlessly, as if heís here to stay

A fixed time is appointed, everything will perish

Everything you hate, everything you relish

Except the Almighty Allah, He will remain

And then will come judgement, all on one plain

Allah will say, I gave you life

I gave you health, wealth and a wife

What did you do with your time?

What did you do in your prime?

Did you spread my message, did you spread islam?

Why not? Did you not read the Quran?

My friends, we muslims, we are so blessed

Allah gave us islam to supercede all the rest

My non-muslim friends, the Quran must be read

Read before itís too late and youíre dead

You owe it to yourselves, it will make you cry

Youíll know these words are from the Lord most High

Instructing mankind to the purpose of life

And the reward my friends is everlasting life

Our purpose is to worship our Lord most High

The reward is heaven where no one will die

Youíll have anything you want, all the best dishes

And Almighty Allah will grant all of your wishes

This life my friends is just a cage

We should live by His orders, to be safe from his rage

You will understand when you read the holy Quran

Youíll know the religion of truth is islam

Protect yourself and your families from hell

Embrace islam and all will be well

For the deeds of this life, youíll pay the price

In the depths of hell or in paradise


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