Time for Apology

I write this poem in earnest
In the Name of Allah, The Greatest

Many a time I have made mistakes
Maybe I forgot to give and take
I ask for everyone's forgiveness
if I have ever caused unpleasantness

E-mails and letters I forgot to reply 
Agreements which I did not comply
Promises which are not operational
An unkind word which was unintentional

Please make halal whatever I take from you
Whether it's time or space in your in-box too.
There are times when I forget 
These are also times when I regret

You know, we are all human beings
Prone to many misunderstandings
Put the past behind us, can you see
If you want life full of tranquility.

Life is short and full of unpredictness
Hence I wish to ask for your forgiveness
Time to forgive others since it is a virtue
If you want Allah to forgive you too.

Udiana Jamalludin


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