Thy Mercy

Silence morning in Ramadhan
I wander amid the Qur'an
My soul is moved to tears
The ayats full of awaken fears
In the creation of  earth and heaven
In the sailing of the ships through the ocean
Rain that Allah sends from the skies
Here indeed are all the signs
O believers do you not see
What Allah has revealed to thee
O believers do you not ponder
Allah's mighty and super power
Remembering of a slave
Tortured in the grave
Buried down so deep
No comfort and no sleep
Speaking of the blazing fire
Removes one desire
The fate of sinful Souls
Tread on scorching coals
Far more awful then the thought 
Fierce fire that will be caught
The Qur'an state so lucidly
Describing life in eternity
Have we ever imagine in abundance
How terrible would be for existence 
Without His love and friendship dear 
Without the sense that He is near
To be forever forgotten 
With no words that'll make things fine 
Forever severed the connection
Disconnected the telephone line

How do I put to bed these fears? 
No lullabys for these tears 
I say I love Him but still I sin
Though I try but Shaytan win

So I sit here and I cry oceans
I fear of my sins that are abundant
I am but a child, a child premature
Nothing to boast, shameful creature
I am but a flesh, a flesh withering of sorrow
Even my days are unknown till tomorrow
Without HIS presence near me
I am useless without HIS mercy
What if I never hear Him tell me 
To choose islam as my destiny
What will i become and what will I be
Without guidance for me to see
Will I be amongst those wild crazy teens
Who dance to their tune without thinking
Will I be a robber or burglar that steals
Or will i be the famous criminal who kills
Among the earthly pple in within
He chose me to be a Muslim
Should I not be thankful?
Have I always been grateful?
I may never travel this creation 
Without Thee made my eyes open
My humbled nothingness to Thee 
I thank Thee for Thy's Mercy

O Allah grants us wisdom
O Allah bestows us patience
O Allah forgives us if we sin
O Allah guide us from within.... 


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