What is Islam

Islam is peace
Islam is ease
Islam is beautiful
Islam is sucessful

Islam is harmony
Islam is unity
Islam is purity
Islam is sanity

Islam is love and prosperity
Islam is one in unity
Islam's not hatred or adversity
Islam is not rivalry and enmity

Islam is true salvation
Islam is repentence
Islam means no harm or affliction
Islam implores you with affection

Islam is giving Allah all praise
Islam is for all place
Islam respects all race
Islam suits all phase

Islam is worshipping only the Creator
Islam is submission and surrender
Islam is not meant for Dictator
Islam is not a terrorist or for a pretender

Islam is patience and perseverance
Islam eases your vengeance through tolerance
Islam is a way of life for eternity
Islam gives you respect and dignity

Islam is winning hearts through honesty
Islam is sincerity in charity
Islam makes you wholesome and trustworthy
Islam is in wealth as well as in poverty

Islam is your shield against all evil
Islam is for your soul's retrieval
Islam not fundamentalism or fanaticism
Islam's not nationalism or racism

Wake up, people, Islam is here
Trust Allah and have no fear
Hold tight, my fren to the rope of Allah
Let's seek for HIS mardhatillah


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