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Geographical and Historical Information:

Kosovo is a forgotten Islamic land populated by nearly two million Albanian Muslims. It is located in the heart of the Balkan, which had witnessed the tragedy of Bosnia Herzegovina to be followed by the tragedy Kosovo Muslims.

Kosovo land was inhabited by man in the prehistoric age where the ancient sources mention that Elyria tribe were the first group which lived in that land and founded the state of Darina. Later, the region came under the Roman and then the Byzantine rule until the advent of Islam with the ottomans that conquered and ruled the region in 1912.

This historic fact refutes the Serbs claim that they are the indigenous population of the land. Serbs immigrated to the region along with those groups who emigrated in successive waves from the eastern regions of URL mountains intending for South East Europe Lands and dispersed there on under different names: Serbs, Croats, Macedonians, Buglers and Slovenians.

The collective immigration of these groups lead to conflicts between the immigrants and the tribes as well as the existing inhabitants from one side, and the Byzantine and Mgiars (Hungarians) who enforced their control on the region, from the other side. Eventually the balance tipped in the favour of the Serbs.

However, the Serbs power did not last for a long time, as it came into direct clash with the Ottoman power. Kosovo, was then the arena, which had witnessed the end of the Serbs rule at the hands of the Ottomans. Thus, the Albanians got rid of the Serbs rule and collectively embraced the Islamic religion to become soldiers under the Turks in that region.

Serbs are taking this historic period of Kosovo region as a pretext to inflame their malice against the Muslims in the region. They consider the 25th day of June 1889. (The date of Kosovo Battle) as an important occasion to commemorate its anniversary and review its glorification. Despite their defeat in that battle, They still trying to confirm their claim that they are the indigenous inhabitants of the country. But we have learned the invalidity of this claim from the history of the region.

After the battle of Kosovo in which the Muslims triumphed over the Serbs. Bayazeed who succeeded his father as the ruler of the Muslims, appointed Prince Stephan Bin Lazar a governor of Serbia and empowered him to govern his homeland under their own laws. However, Islam began to spread among the population in general and the Albanians in particular until it became firmly established in the region during the fifteenth and the sixteenth centuries. When the entity of the Ottoman State started weakening and wearing out. Deviation from the right divine of Allah began to increase gradually, the state lacked behind scientifically, administratively and militarily. As a result, the secessionist movement and the internal revolts ignited by the malicious crusades became active. The Muslim soldier lost his discipline, Jewish and Christian organizations and parties emerged, and the Ottoman State eventually got to the point of weakness and disunion. The Balkan war began and the Turks withdrew from South East of Europe and finally Albania separated from the Ottoman State.

The Serbs Criminal Methods:

When Albania separated from the Ottoman State, including Kosovo, the Serbs began implementing their plan to fight Islam and the Muslims. The Serbs forces began exerting various types of pressures upon the Muslims of Kosovo. Arrest, killing, expulsion, deny of education and employment and other practices were employed against Muslims of Kosovo.

At present, the international journalism and world news tell us about the atrocities and the campaigns of ethnic cleansing and other crimes committed by the Serbs against the Albanian Muslim people of Kosovo. The villages are subjected to total destruction, number of the dead increasing day after day while the Serbs are pursuing in this respect the policy of the burnt land and the collective extermination. They have used different kinds of light and heavy weapons against an unarmed people who has no army nor a power which is against the moral values and the world customs before the eyes and the ears of the world at large.

The acts committed by the Serbs against the Kosovans are not unfamiliar nor unheard of , but come under a new phase which is one of the chain of phases that has already been planned against the people of Kosovo and is one of the successive old and recent crimes against this people.

Within the framework of the Serbs hegemony over Kosovo. In 1991 Serbia has abolished the right of education in the Albanian language in Kosovo Region. They suspended all the subsidies paid for the Albanian textbooks, and in April of the same year it froze the salaries of the Albanian teachers. In September, the police occupied hundreds of preliminary schools and all the secondary schools. They closed up 975 preliminary schools, 115 secondary schools and 20 colleges and universities. Thus depriving 430 thousand of Albanians from receiving their education and 118 thousand teachers of their jobs.

The Serbs have deported more two million Muslims from their homes to Turkey, Egypt, Syria and the European Countries and in doing so, they committed the most abominable and vicious crimes including killing and butchering the oppressed Muslims. Examples of such crimes are:

Mr. Shaferkes, member of the ruling Christian Democratic Party in Germany, said in describing the Serbs Crimes under the title (I have seem all of it with my own eyes): “I saw a child no more than three months old with his nose and ears being cut off. I saw picture of pregnant women with rip open bellies. Their fetuses explore mutilated. I saw old men and young men slaughtered with their throats silted from vein to vein. I saw many women who were raped, some of them pregnant and they have only few weeks to give birth. I saw pictures that I have never seen anything like them even on the screens eastern or western. I challenge them if they have the courage to transmit them. I shall never forget, Those things that I have seen.”

There is the case of the infant, which was told by many newspapers at the time. The Serbs grabbed the infant and hold it on the fire until it was roasted before the eyes of its father. Then they cut it into pieces and forced its father to eat some of its fresh, then fired on and killed him.

This is what the Serbs have done in Bosnia and are repeating it today to our Muslim brothers who constitute (93%) of the population of Kosovo while the Serbs do not make more than 7%. What shall the talk avail us after all this?

Slobodan Milocevic, the Serbs leader, has declared in his address to the Serbs who were demonstrating in Belgrade in November 1989 in the anniversary of the battle of Kosovo, which was fought six hundred years ago: “The battle of Kosovo started six centuries ago and it has come to an end today. We are ready to scarify three hundred Serb’s fighters to eradicate Islam from Serajevo to Makkah!”

The Serbs have began their attack by a secret exterminating war plan prepared by the Yugoslavia Security Organization in coordination with the Federal Army to be carried out in Kosovo. The Kosovo newspapers published this plan in Albanian language by one of the military experts who have read it. The summary of the plan was as follow.

First Phase: Carry out quick operation against some Albanian homes and villages, to be performed by a group of the special Armed Forces of the Ministry of Interior (Police). These operations shall be named “The Blitzkrieg Operations”.

Second phase: To besiege some villages by the police and the Army, and to surround them for some days in order to weaken the morale of the people, to frighten them and to suppress any movement or resistance that might enacted by the people of those villages. These operations are called: (The exquisite besieging operations).

Third phase: To strike the area from land (artillery), and from air (Aircraft), should there arise any from the side of the Albanian people which shall justify, before the world, the use of the regular Army Forces against the people.

The first phase was witnessed, where the Serbs forces have carried out blitzkrieg operation in more than one area in Kosovo. As for the second phase however, its signs began came out and if Allah permitted, and that they reached the third phase of this plan, nothing would have remained there for the Muslim except that which had remained for them after the fall of the Andalus (Andalucia, Spain). Kosovo disaster could surpass the massacres of Bosnia and other areas.

These massacres are taking place before the eyes and ears and with the blessing of the world order since the conference of London in 1990, which discussed the future of Yugoslavia and intentionally ignored the Kosovo independence issue.

Muslim Toleration:

In return for that, if we consider the Islamic civilizational framework with which the Muslim Ottomans ruled the regions which they had conquered, we could see how the humanitarian and civilizational allegations raised by the western civilization, represented by their new world order, are collapsing. Here are some examples, for you, which bear witness that Islam is the only religion which principles and regulations never change if obeyed by the people. It abrogates all ethnic and racial considerations from its criteria. We could find in the statistics stated Ismael Hami in his book “ Encyclopaedia of Ottoman History” a concrete evidence of the Ottomans impartiality and their abstention from involvement wilderness of racialism and national traits. The number of those who assumed the portfolio of sublime post and Prime ministers mount to (292) persons. They were distributed according to their ethnic groups and nationalities as follows:

(132): Turkish origin; (94): of Albanian origin; (23): of Byzanlian origin; (6): of Slavic origin; (13): of Yugoslavia origin; (14): of Sheshnian origin; (1): of Arabian origin; (4): of Circassian origin; (3): of Armenian origin; (1): from Russian origin; (1): from Jewish origin while the others belonged to unknown and no-Turkish nationalities.

Toleration of Islam closely adhered to by the Ottoman Sultans during their conquests in Europe, was a powerful factor in the spread of Islam among the Albanians who were exhausted by the religious conflicts among different Christian sects, factionalism of foreign powers towards their sect, their persistence to impose the Christian religion by force on the other Communities, oppressing those adhered to their faith, in addition to the tyranny of local Princes in the rule and enslaving members of the people.

The people found Muslim Ottoman rule a saviour and supporter to them in their life, hence they entered and wound around such rule voluntarily.


Dr. Mohammad Mufaco, professor in Kosovo University in Yugoslavia describes this stage saying:

“After these developments, the Albanian region witnessed evident stability which allowed for Islam to spread among the Albanians rank and file. This spread clearly since the mid fifteenth century”. Yet, the best testimony was that which was ceded by the enemies. The Greek encyclopedia, published in Athena in 1932, conceded that the Christian Byzantine preferred to remain in their city with their properties under the Ottoman sovereignty. As for the American woman writer. Dr. Mary Mills Patric, she wrote a book titled “Sultans of Ottomans Dynasty”, where she spat out on its pages the accumulation of long centuries malice of enmity towards Islam and Muslims, but she could not but say: in fact, Sultan Mohammad had revealed a great tolerance towards the Christians and this is best indicated by his saying to them: I swear by Allah that I guarantee your congregation in your churches for prayer.” She also says “Sultan Mohammad al Fatih did show a great tolerance towards the Christians, and during his reign each community had a religious leader who did not address any other party except the Sultan directly; and each of these communities had its own schools and places of worship and nobody had the right to interfere in their financial affairs while the members of each community had the freedom to use the language they liked.”

Mr. Karl Brocleman said in his book, History of Islamic peoples”: The aspiration of young Christian for a prosperous future made them affectionately attach to the personality of the Ottoman Sultan and be loyal to him”. The “Orient Magazine” which was published under the administrate of Saint Joseph college and edited by Father Louise Shaikho, had published in its issue of November 1911 the following news on page (898): “Of the indications that the Ottoman State is willing to realize quality among the different elements, was that it appointed last year onoe of our Roman Catholics, Mr. Ibrahim Sosa Affendi as a ruler in one of the important Ottoman wilayas (States) and which include safeed sea, the Archipelago, Rhodes, Kurganos, and safis.”

The orientalist (Sweihim) in an article about the Albanians which was published in the Islamic Encyclopedia said: “During the Russian-Turkish war (1877 – 1878), the Catholics and the Orthodox of the mountain people refused to raise their swards against the Sultan despite being instigated by the Russians”.

The spread of Islam in Albania was associated with the diffuse of the Islamic culture throughout the country regions, as well as the writing of literary works, the use of Arabic alphabet in the Albanian language. Albania reached the Zenith of human advancement and the civilizational development due to the spread of the economic, social and educational installations which gave rise to great cultural progress and the emerge of Albanian men of culture, poets during the Islamic rule in such a way that Albania has never witnessed anything similar before the advent of Islam.


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