Islam in Mexico and Mexican Muslims

Mexico Flag

Capital: Mexico City
Population: 123 Million
Muslims Percent: 0.4% (approx 500,000)

Islam taking root in southern Mexico

Mexico Discovers Islam

Spanish Muslim mission grows in Mexico

Official says Mexico will expel some Islamic missionaries

Islam on the Rise in Mexico - Morocco World News

Mexican Muslims - Vice

05/07/2016 Mexico: Chiapas' Muslim population begin Ramadan observation
13/02/2014 Some Mexican Catholics now find God in Islam
23/10/2013 Interview: Muslim Mothers in Chiapas, Mexico
31/07/2013 Islam Flourishes in Mexico
29/03/2013 Mexico’s Growing Muslims
10/11/2011 Mexico's Tzotzil Indians convert to Islam
30/08/2011 Inside Mexico's mud-hut mosque


Islam in Mexico - Wikipedia

Centro Cultural Islamico de Mexico AC


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