Islam and Muslims in Brazil

Brazil Flag

Capital: Brasilia
Population: 206 Million
Muslims Percent: 0.02% (approx. 50,000)

Brazilian Muslims: Reverting To Their Islamic Past

Muslims in Brazil: A culturally vibrant minority -

The Muslims of Brazil - The Eye In Islam

Slave Rebellion in Brazil: The Muslim Uprising of 1835 in Bahia

17/06/2017 How Brazil's progressive migration bill was sabotaged
11/06/2017 Brazil: Muslims in Sao Paulo adapt for Ramadan
10/06/2017 Muslim community in Brazil observes Ramadan
05/10/2016 Brazilian Muslims Face a Wave of Persecution and Prejudice Stoked by New Government
18/08/2016 Brazilian Muslims Demystify Islam in Rio
08/08/2016 Rio 2016: terror stigma increases violence against Muslims
13/04/2016 Deciphering Islamophobia in Brazil
17/05/2015 Brazilians’ attitudes toward Arabs, Muslims
11/07/2014 Brazil Muslims Welcome World Cup Fans
22/05/2014 Kuwait to Distribute 250,000 Qur’an in Brazil
23/09/2012 Brazil Allows Hijab in IDs
22/09/2012 Brazil Faiths Urge Religious Respect
22/08/2011 Islam takes root in land of bikinis and Carnival
21/08/2011 Islam Gives Brazil New Face
31/12/2010 Palestine to open embassy in Brazil
05/12/2010 Brazil recognises Palestine
13/01/2010 Ali Mohamed Mazloum: Brazil Muslim Judge's Success Story
29/08/2009 Brazil Muslims: Keeping Ramadan Traditions
11/06/2009 Brazil…Few Imams, Closed Mosques
27/05/2009 Internet Serves Da`wah in Brazil
31/05/2008 Tolerant Brazil Lures Muslim Tourists
29/05/2008 Winner Brazilian Muslims
27/05/2008 Wine Challenge Brazil Muslim Restaurants
22/05/2008 Halal Meat for Wealthy Brazil Muslims
16/05/2008 Marriott Brazil Wants Muslims to Feel at Home and Offers Mecca Compass


A Guide to Finding Mosques in Brazil - Halal Trip

Work and Live as a Muslim in Brazil - The Brazil Business


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