Bangladeshi Mosque in Michigan Vandalized

News Report, Abu Taher Translated from Bangla by
Moinuddin Naser,
Bangla Patrika in Voices That Must Be Heard, Mar 23,

NEW YORK  Several unidentified teenagers reportedly
vandalized a mosque in Hamtramck, Michigan last week.
Many consider this as another racial bias act against

According to a report, local Bangladeshis in Hamtramck
alleged that several teenagers threw bricks and shoes
at the mosque.

Abdul Mutallib, an Islamic devotee who goes to the
mosque often, said that a group of 15- and 16-year-old
teenagers threw their shoes at the mosque, and mocked
fellow devotees who visited the mosque.

Don Clini, an FBI official, told Bangla Patrika that
several officials have been entrusted with the
responsibility of continuing the investigation and
discussing the incident with Bangladeshi devotees and
local police.

There are about 600,000 Muslims who live in Michigan.
Of that figure, about 500,000 Muslims live in Dearborn
City, Michigan. Many are from Iraq and other Arab

Bangladeshi Muslims said that aside from the mocking,
some people in the locality also started harassing the
devotees of the mosque. A few days before the
vandalism incident, a Bangladeshi imam was attacked.

The Michigan Department of Civil Rights expressed its
concern, saying that anyone responsible for racial
attacks will face the law.

Director of Council on American Islamic Relations
(CAIR) Doud Walid condemned the incident and demanded
a thorough investigation to punish those responsible
for the crime. 


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