Roseville Student Upset By Quran Presentation

Bridgette Bornstein Reporting
Mar 22, 2006 11:18 am US/Central

(WCCO) Roseville, Minn. Officials at Roseville Area
High School apologized to a Muslim student who was
upset by a librarian's classroom presentation
involving The Quran.

The 14-year-old student said the librarian was making
a presentation about censorship to her freshman
English class and brought out several books, including
the Muslim book of prayer.

As part of the presentation, the librarian used a box
decorated with colored construction paper that was
meant to look like flames, the student said.

The student said the librarian tossed The Quran into
the box, as if to symbolize burning it.

"His actions were definitely what I thought was wrong,
and it hurt me," said the student, who did not want to
be identified.

The student viewed that as a disrespectful way to
handle the book, and was also offended by how the
librarian described it.

"He took the book and he threw it, and while he was
talking about the book, his main perspective of the
book was that it was a pro-terrorist book," she said.

The school district said the role-playing exercise was
intended to show what censorship is like, but
officials agreed that was not an appropriate way to do

The student hopes other students will learn "that
Islam is not a pro-terrorist religion," she said.
"Nowhere in that book does it say to go bomb, or go

A spokesperson for the Roseville district said the
librarian was humbled by the experience, wanted to be
respectful and didn't realize some would find his
actions to be inappropriate.

The librarian apologized to the student, authorities

All staff will undergo sensitivity training, officials

The librarian said he has been advised not to comment.

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