"Trail Cold" In Clifton Mosque Bombing

Reported by: 9News
Web produced by: Mark Sickmiller
Photographed by: 9News
First posted: 2/22/2006 5:51:06 PM


Tri-state Muslim leaders say they don't know of any
leads into a double bombing that damaged a Clifton
mosque in December.

The Clifton Avenue mosque complex was not occupied
when the blasts occurred.

On Wednesday, as the Council on American-Islamic
Relations announced a giveaway of books and DVDs on
the prophet Muhammad, its president talked about the
trouble in finding any suspects.

"The trail is cold, at this point. It's very, very
frustrating for our community as they keep asking us
what has been happening. At this point, nothing, no
leads," said CAIR President Zeinbab Shaath-Schwein.

Local council leaders say they are still hopeful
someone will eventually step forward with information
about the December bombing.


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