Apologies given after Anti-Muslim comments of Breakfast Organiser

Feb 15, 2006


BOISE, Idaho (AP) -- Anti-Muslim comments by an
organizer of the Idaho State Prayer Breakfast forced
others in the group to apologize. Dave Baumann told
the Idaho Statesman that Islam is a violent religion
that espouses killing all Jews and Christians.

Jim Flecker, president of the Idaho Prayer Fellowship,
which organizes the March Fourth breakfast, apologized
to the Muslim community -- and anyone else who was
offended by Baumann's comments.

Flecker says the spirit of the breakfast is one of
peace and unity.

Baumann made the comments after being questioned about
the choice of a former Muslim who converted to
Christianity as the breakfast's main speaker.

Local Muslims accepted the apology. But they, along
with Jewish and Catholic leaders, won't attend the

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