Suspicious Fog Fills Downtown Mosque

POSTED: 5:20 pm PST January 30, 2006

SACRAMENTO -- An area of downtown Sacramento was
evacuated Monday afternoon after a suspicious fog
filled a mosque.

The mosque is located near Fourth and V streets.

Authorities said a woman entered the building shortly
after noon prayers and left something behind that
emitted a smoky haze. The woman had not been
identified and remained at large Monday evening.

The Sacramento Fire Department was called and
firefighters noticed an odor and determined that the
haze was not from smoke. The building and a one-block
radius around it was evacuated and a hazardous
materials team was called to the scene.

"A female white adult entered the mosque earlier in
the afternoon and emitted some type of fogging device.
The room was filled with some type of fog," Sacramento
Police Department Sgt. Terrell Marshall said.

"It was shocking. Everyone was trying to find out what
was happening. People come to this mosque on a daily
basis ... hundreds pray here every Friday," said Basim
Elkarra, who attends the mosque.

A hazmat team entered the mosque and determined the
fog was caused by a dry fire extinguisher that was

Established in 1943, the mosque is the oldest in


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