India: Haryana girl survives 'honour killing'

Haryana girl survives 'honour killing'

5 Jan 2008, 0201 hrs IST,C Shamsher,TNN

CHANDIGARH: Poonam was bundled into a waiting jeep on Thursday night and thrown into the Rajasthan canal by her father and six other male members of her Jat family because she wouldn't let go of Mukhram, a young Dalit boy. But the feisty 19-year-old survived drowning, in what would probably have been the umpteenth honour killing in Haryana, to fight back and charge her relatives with attempted murder.

Presently at the Nari Niketan in Karnal, Poonam, a resident of Bani in Sirsa district, left home on September 18 last year on the pretext of taking some exam and married her lover. But on September 27 her parents got to know of it and brought her back by force. She was soon shifted to her relative's house in a village called Dhotad where family members tried unsuccessfully for three months to dissuade her from continuing her relationship with Mukhram. Their patience finally wore out on Thursday and around 10 pm she was thrown into the swirling canal, at a spot where the water was the deepest.

But only did she swam to safety, battling her way to the bank of the canal near Tibbi, a settlement on the Rajasthan border, but also approached the police to demand justice.

Confirming Poonam's story, SHO Anil Kumar said, "On Friday, a case was registered against the seven accused under sections 307 (attempt to murder), 364 (abduction with intention to kill) and 120-B (criminal conspiracy) of the IPC. All of them are absconding and we are looking for them."

Among those accused are Poonam's father Prabhu Ram, her cousin Satbir, grandfather Jat Ram and four others. Sirsa SP Vikas Yadav, too, said prima facie it did seem like the girl's father tried to kill her. The case comes days after Subhash Chander, a Chicago resident, killed his daughter Monika, son-in-law Rajesh Jhamb and grandchild Vansh in their Oak Forest apartment because Monika married "below her caste."

Girl escapes honour killing, now fights a lonely battle

Jyoti Kamal / CNN-IBN, Published on Sun, Jan 06, 2008

Chandigarh: Nineteen-year-old Poonam's blank look speaks of the trauma she has suffered at the hands of her family. Her relatives, threw her into a canal at Tibbi, near Haryana's border with Rajasthan, and left her to die. All because she, a Jat girl, married a Dalit boy.

“They forcibly made me sit in a jeep and took me to the canal. I was thrown into the canal by my father and other relatives,” Poonam said.

Poonam managed to get out of the canal and hid until she was helped by strangers. The police are now searching for her relatives, who are absconding.

“We have registered a case against seven persons, including her relatives and are searching for the accused,” Investigating Officer Karam Singh said.

But this is not the end of Poonam's tragedy. Afraid of retribution, the boy she loved, Mukhram, has also deserted her. Now, a completely dejected-looking Poonam said, “I want to live on my own. I have no faith in anyone now."

In Poonam's village Bani, and many others in caste-conscious Haryana, this is not an uncommon story. Caste-based panchayats continue to support honour killings, despite the Government's efforts to educate villagers.


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