Islam to become 2nd largest faith practised in US

Islam to become 2nd largest faith practised in US 


12 July 2001 

Times of India

WASHINGTON: Islam is one of the fastest growing

religions in the United States, and by 2010 it is

expected to become the second largest faith practised

in the country after Christianity, the State

Department's international information programmes has


The number of mosques in the US is put at 140. 

"That Muslim-American communities flourished in the

United States demonstrates one of the core values of

American society -- the freedom of individuals to

worship as they choose," it said. 

"Freedom of religion is protected by US law and

enshrined in the Bill of Rights," it said adding

"religious pluralism has been a part of the mosaic of

American life from the nation's very beginning". (PTI)


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