Islam and Muslims in Sweden

Capital: Stockholm
Population: 8.88 Million
Muslims Percent: 4.5 % (approx 400,000)


Islam in Sweden

The Depiction of Islam in Sweden: A Historical Overview - Jonas Otterbeck

[PDF] Muslims in Sweden Extract from: M. Anwar, J. Blaschke, och . Sander (red:er) State Policies Towards Muslim Minorities. Sweden, Great Britain and Germany. Berlin: Edition Parabolis. pp. 203 - 374

22/03/06 Cartoon row claims Swedish minister's job - Guardian
17/02/06 Despite Problems, Swedish Muslims Enjoy Tolerance - IOL
05/01/06 Europe's leaders look north, but has Sweden really got the best of both worlds? - Guardian
27/12/05 Why European women are turning to Islam - CS Monitor
22/12/05 Swedish Migration Staff "Celebrate" Hopefuls' Expulsion - IOL
22/09/05 Swedish Party Urges Monitoring Muslim Students - IOL
19/09/05 Swedish Mosque Set Ablaze "Again" - IOL
01/06/05 Swedish Muslims Generally for EU Constitution - IOL
25/04/05 Swedish Muslims March Against Anti-Prophet Priest - IOL
25/11/04 Swedes Reach Muslim Breaking Point
11/09/04 Swedish Muslims Expose Documented Racial Practices
09/09/04 Swedish Muslims Change Names for Jobs - IOL
30/01/04 Slaughter Ban Mars Eid Al-Adha In Sweden - Islam Online
18/01/04 Israeli Envoy In Sweden Kicked Out Of Art Museum - Islam Online
10/11/03 Swedish Imam Says Islam Forbids Female Circumcision
08/11/03 Swedish Muslims Stick To Islamic Identity In Ramadan - IOL
01/09/03 First Veiled Muslim Woman In Swedish TV - IOL
15/11/02 Snowy Taraweeh for Muslims in Sweden - IOL
30/09/02 Bodybuilding stuntman who turned to Islam - BBC
11/09/02 Anti-Zionist Radio Islam Raided by Police in Sweden - IOL
15/11/01 Sighting Ramadan's New Moon Confuses Swedish Muslims - IOL

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