Islam and Muslims in Italy

Capital: Rome
Population: 58 Million
Muslims Percent: 1% (approx 0.6 Million)

Italy's Muslims count!

Italy Turns To Islam

Early Islam in Italy

The Arab Influence on the Italian Renaissance


28/12/04 Italian Muslims Survive 'Hate Fits' in 2004 - Islam Online

18/12/04 Vatican Renews Commitment to a war on Islam - Media Monitors Network

27/10/04 Italy Tastes More Islamic in Ramadan - Islam Online

28/09/04 Italy's Muslims under pressure - BBC

21/09/04 Italian woman ticketed for wearing a burqa - MSNBC

07/08/04 Italian mayor fights terror threat with ban on Muslim veils - Telegraph, UK

22/06/04 Italian Muslims Lament Marginalization, Oppression - Islam Online

14/05/00 In Catholic Italy, Islam makes inroads


Iman from Italy finds Islam

Qadiani Leader in Italy Embraced Islam alongwith his family

Italy's Ambassador to Riyadh Converts To Islam

Islam in Italy

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