French and Jewish extremists unite on Net against Arabs

By John Lichfield in Paris

17 July 2003

Extreme-right and neo-Nazi groups in France have

formed an anti-Arab and anti-Muslim alliance on the

internet with extremist Jewish groups, a report

published yesterday said.

Since the French far right is known for its visceral

anti-Semitism, the alliance has puzzled and disturbed

anti-racism campaigners and mainstream Jewish


A series of linked websites, calling for violent

"resistance" against the "Islamic Republic of France"

and its leader, "President Ben Shirak" (Jacques

Chirac), operated through a single host in the United

States from 1999 until March this year, according to

the report.

Responsibility for the sites, which called for attacks

on mosques to provoke a civil war between Arabs on one

side and white French and Jews on the other, has been

traced to members of extreme right-wing groups in

France, but also to extremist Jewish organisations.

All the sites disappeared mysteriously from the

internet on a single day in March. Investigators for a

French anti-racism organisation believe that the

temporary black-out was caused by a quarrel between

the unlikely new allies over the American-led invasion

of Iraq.

Far-right groups allied to Jean-Marie Le Pen's

National Front stridently opposed the war; extremist

Jewish groups in France wholeheartedly supported it.

Despite this spat, new internet sites have sprung up

in recent weeks, spouting the same vicious anti-Arab

rhetoric, and have been traced once again to an

informal coalition of far-right and extremist Jewish

groups and individuals in France.

One of the alleged creators of these sites, an

official of the National Front spin-off group the

Mouvement National Républicain (MNR), was recently

arrested by French police and may be charged with

"inciting ethnic and religious hatred".

The Mouvement contre le Racisme et Pour l'Amitié entre

les Peuples (Mrap), which produced yesterday's

170-page report, said the French government was not

doing enough to combat racist propaganda on the


It also denounced an extremist Islamic site in France

that has been generating anti-Semitic propaganda for

years without any action by the French authorities.

The main umbrella body for Jewish groups in France -

the Conseil Représentatif des Institutions Juives de

France (Crif) - yesterday condemned the racist

propaganda placed on the internet by extremist groups.

Haim Musicant, the director of Crif, said he was aware

of the existence of sites "which claim to be Jewish"

that were calling for violence against people of Arab

origin in France. "They are individuals who represent

no reputable organisation," he said.

"They could be extremist [Jews] whom we condemn

entirely, but they could also be provocateurs."

The sites, with internet links and common themes and

use of language, originally found a home on a US host

called liberty-web. net. They argued that whites and

Jews in France were threatened with extinction by an

Arab and Muslim "invasion", which was being assisted

by racial traitors such as M. Chirac, always called

Ben Shirak.

"It has become necessary to employ unusual methods to

get rid of Ben Shirak and his government and to try to

restore the honour, grandeur and security of France,"

one of the sites said in May last year. Two months

later, a minor official in a group linked to the MNR

tried to assassinate M. Chirac during the 14 July

military parade on the Champs Elysées in Paris.

Another site, showing M. Chirac shaking hands with a

man in an Arab head-dress, said: "2007: Chirac hands

over power to his successor." 


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