A Muslim Girl in Denmark


July 14, 2005

I've got the impression that many of us are living outside the Arabic countries. So therefore I would like to share some of my opinions with you about how it is to live in a country in Europe.

I live in Denmark, and I'm a Muslim girl who's 16-years old. I wear hijab, and sometimes it causes me trouble.

Once I was walking downtown in Copenhagen with a Danish friend, and all of a sudden a guy steps in front of me and spits me in my face and yells to me that I should go back where I come from. No surprise, I began to cry because it hurts to be humiliated in front of so many people...

I'll never forget that episode, but it never changed anything in my opinions about the Danish people. Many of them are very kind human beings, and almost all my friends are Danish. I've always been on a Danish school, and now when I'm in high school I still meet the greatest Danes who respect me and my religion. They take a look on my personality, and not on my outfit.

It's kind of hard to find a job just to make some money, because I wear hijab. But lhamdilla now I'm working in a great place with the kindest boss.

No doubt that I would choose to live in Lebanon, where I'm from, but then again - it would be VERY hard to leave all the good things behind here in Denmark.

By Guest Writer Natasha

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