Unique Justice


Nausherwan Aadil was the king of Persia. He was known for his justice. But a unique case that came to him plunged him into a dilemma. It involved two persons- Jamshed and Khusro. Jamshed had bought a house from Khusro. He found a treasure trove while digging into the floor of the house to build some extra room. He took the pitcher full of guineas to the old owner Khusro and asked him to accept the same as it belonged to him. Khusro said he never knew there was a treasure under the earth when he sold the house to him and asked Jamshed to keep it as it rightly belonged to him. So they took the dispute to the King’s court. Nausherwan asked them if they had marriageable sons and daughters. Jamshed said he had a daughter Arjumand Bano and Khusro said he had a son, Feroze. Nausherwan asked them to arrange a marriage between Feroze and Arjumand. He then gave away the guineas to the new couple.


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