Little Master

By Seema Saleem

Little Bilal was very happy as he stood first in his 5th standard final examinations scoring 98% marks. He came home running with report card in his hand and entered the house screaming, “Ammiji, I came first in class.” His mother Aisha Begum folded him in her arms and kissed him and thanked Allah for this happy moment. Apart from Bilal’s hard work, it was for her efforts that got him through with flying colours. She would make question papers for him to practice and point out the silly mistakes he would make while writing. Now Bilal was eager to show his report card to his father Abdul Rahman and ask for his reward which he has promised. During lunch time, he called up his father and said, “ Abbu, I came first in class with 98% marks!” Abdul Rahman was overjoyed at his son’s achievement and said “very good beta, I’m delighted ! keep it up! Bilal said “do you remember your promise Abbu?” Abdul Rahman replied “ I remember it very well. A treat of unlimited ice cream and a bicycle.”

Bilal said, “but I want it today itself.” Abdul Rahman said “ definitely, I shall fulfill my promise today itself.” Bilal confirmed it again “sure Abbu?” “Sure ! After I return from office.” “ Allah hafiz,” said Bilal and disconnected the phone. In the evening, Moulvi sahab came to take the Arabic class. Today, Bilal recited a chapter from Surah Kahf and then listened to the interpretation with great interest.

After Moulvi Sahab left he started waiting impatiently for his father’s return. Abdul Rahman would return by this time every day. Today it was quite late. Aisha started getting worried and prayed to Allah silently for her husband’s safe return. After hours of waiting Abdul Rahman returned home looking totally exhausted. His bike broke down while he was on the way. He had to drag it to the mechanic. There he got it repaired in the work shop and then came home. Bilal was totally upset. He did not talk to his father. Abdul Rahman hugged his son, said sorry and cheered him up, promising to take him out for the treat the next day.

Bilal said “Abbu, you are repeating the same mistake you made in the morning. In the holy Quran in Surah Kahaf verse no. 23 & 24 Allah says, “never say I shall be sure to do so and so tomorrow without adding Inshallah...”Abdul Rahman was dumb struck for a moment, for, his little son was pointing out his blunder. Abdul Rahman then sheepishly admitted his mistake and said “ inshallah. From now on I shall always say inshallah...”

(Moral of the story: We must never rely upon our own resources so much as to forget Allah).


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