Encourage Kids to Help Others

By Seema Saleem


It was a cold and foggy morning. Wajid Hussain was going through the morning news paper while sipping his hot coffee. The newspaper was filled with sad stories of Tsunami victims and their pathetic conditions. Wajid’s heart ached to see the little orphans who lost their parents in the disaster. For a moment, he just imagined himself as a victim and his legs shivered at the mere thought. An idea struck his mind. He walked towards the breakfast table for his wife Kauser was calling him and his children for breakfast. At the breakfast table, he started a conversation with his children on the Tsunami tragedy and the victims. His two elder daughters Nida and Hira were well informed, but his youngest daughter Sadaf and little Saif did not know much about the calamity. He explained to them the plight of the victims and the help and support they need at this time of crisis. He said, “ kids, I have a suggestion for you. I know you all have been saving your Eidis and pocket money to buy a new and advanced computer. But my dear kids! Don’t you think those poor victims need your monetary help more than you need a new PC? There was a complete silence for a moment. They all looked at each other not knowing what to say. Wajid Hussain said “take your own time kids! And by the way, it’s just a suggestion,” and quietly left the room giving them time to decide. They all put their heads together for some time and then finally decided to help the victims. They all went to their father’s room and Nida said, “Baba, we have decided to donate the money,” and handed over the amount to Wajid. Wajid was very pleased and said, “Kids, you know you are depositing this amount in Allah SWT’s bank and you will be receiving it in many folds in aakhirah, inshallah”. In the afternoon, the children were waiting for their father on lunch when Wajid Hussain returned home with big cartons. Saif saw it and screamed loudly “Nida baji, Hira baji come here! See what Baba brought! They all came running and were surprised to see a brand new advanced comput er. Sadaf asked, “baba you didn’t give the amount in donation? Wajid said, “I gave it beta, and here is the receipt. This computer is a gift for all of you from my side. And they all jumped with joy.”

(Moral of the story: Encourage and motivate your children to help others)


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