The Personal Beauty of Maitreya

Extracted from book: Muhammad in Buddhist Scriptures
A. H. Vidyarthi and U. Ali

(1) "His (Maitreya's) body shall be of pure gold, bright, glistening and pure." (Si-Yu-Ki. Vol. II. pp. 46-7.)

(2) "Asanga answered, 'That is settled; but with, respect to Maitreya. what is his appearance......?' He said, 'No words can describe the marks and signs, (the personal) beauty of Maitreya..........'" (Ibid. Vol. I. P. 229.)

(3) "No words can describe the personal beauty of Maitreya." Buddhism by Monier William P. 82.)

In the eyes of the white Christian dweller of Europe the Jew is "swarthy". Jesus was himself a Jew of the Jews, and unless he was an exception, he too must have possessed the characteristic swarthy colour of his race. In the person of Jesus "the Jews could find no form or comeliness." (The Holy Bible Commentary by Thomas Scott. Vol. V Foot Note on Chapter LIII of Isaiah.) The ancient Christian Fathers considered that Jesus had no beauty of person:-

"Justin Martyr. Clemens Alexandrinus, Tertttllian, and others of the ancient fathers, concluded our savior's person to have been deformed." (Comprehensive Commentary on the Holy Bible by Rev. W. Jenks D. D. and Rev. Joseph A. Warne A. M. Psalms- Malachi. P. 457 Foot Note.)

There is no evidence in the gospels to show thai Jesus had an uncommon beauty of person. Hence Jesus cannot be the Buddha Maitreya. Shankaracharya too, did not possess an extraordinary beauty of person.

Mohammed possessed a very beautiful and lovely person. "In the dicta which are ascribed to him he (prophet) declared himself to be the best in charachter and the most perfect in beauty among mankind," (Mohammed by S. D. Margoliouth P. 82.)

"Mottalib-bin-Abu Vidaah relates -

the apostle of God said, '................(God)..... made me........the best.....'" (T. Vol. II. P. 543.)

Mohammed was a unique assemblage of graces, and he is described as possessing an extraordinary beauty of person by his contemporaries:-

(1) "Anas relates:- 'The apostle of God was the most beautiful of all people (T. Vol. 1. P. 529.)

(2) "Jabir-bin-Samorah relates :-'I saw the apostle of God in the moon-light, so I began to look towards him and the moon (for comparing), he was wearing a red suit: I came to the conclusion that my opinion he was more beautiful than the moon." (Ibid. Vol. II. B. 281.)

(3) "Kaab-bin-Malik relates :-'.........I came the apostle of God and saw him sitting in the mosque, and round him were Muslims, and he was shining like the splendour of the moon........'" (Ibid. IL 374.)

(4) "Bara relates :-'I never saw a man, having locks and wearing a red suit, more beautiful than the apostle of God. His locks were flowing down his shoulders. His breast was broad. He was neither very stunted nor very tall." (T. Vol. II B. P. 551)

(5) "Ali relates:-'.......I never saw a man like him (the prophet) among those who were before or after him.'" (Ta. Vol. VI. P. 99.)

(6) ".........Jabir-bin-Abdullah relates:-' him (the prophet) there was none among those who were before or after him.'" (B. Vol. III. P. 117.)

(7) "Abu Hurera relates :- The apostle of God was.............a beautiful person, so very beautiful a man I never saw among those who were before or after him.'" (Ibid.)

(8) "Jabir-bin-Samorah relates :-'I said the afternoon prayer with the apostle of God when he walked out to go home; I too went with him; in the way were seen some children; he touched the cheeks of every child, and mine too; I felt a coolness and scent in his hand as if it was just being drawn out from a casket of a perfumer.'" (M. Vol. VI. PP. 2338-9.)

(9) "Anas relates :- 'I never smelt amber or musk or any other scent sweeter than the smell of the body of the apostle of God: I never touched silk or any thing softer than the body of the apostle of God.' (M. Vol. VI. P. 2339.)

(10) "Anas relates:- 'The apostle of God was white and shining and his perspiration was (white) like pearls; when he would walk, he would do so inclining with force onward (or leaning this side and that side.)'" (Ibid P. 2339.)

(11) "Anas-bin-Malik relates :-'The apostle of God came to my house and slept; he perspired very much. My mother brought a phial and collected the perspiration, rubbing it down (from the leather pillow.) This awoke him and he said, O Omme Solaim, what are you at? She said: It is your sweat that we mix with scent: it is in itself the best scent.'"(Ibid P. 2339.)

(12) "Bara-bifl-Azib relates:- 'The apostle of God was of middle size and the distance between. his two shoulders was great." (Ibid P. 2342)

(13) "Bara relates :-'The face of the apostle of God was the most beautiful of all and his manners were the best. He was neither too tall nor too stunted'" (Ibid.)

(14) "Abu-Tofail relates:- 'He (prophet) was of a bright whitc colour.'" (Ibid 2343.)

(15) "Anas relates :-'His (prophet's) colour was neither perfectly white nor wheatlike.'" (Ibid.)

(16) "Anas son of Malik relates:- 'Thc apostle of God was neither too tall nor too dwarfish, neither too white like lime nor too wheaten in colour, his fair neither too curly nor too straight,.....,in his head and beard there were not even twenty white hair at the time of his death.'" (Mauta P. 422.)

(17) "Monzir-bin-Jareer relates :-'I saw the face of the apostle of God, IT WAS SHINING LIKE GOLD..............'" (M. Vol. lIT. P. 35.)

(18) "Abu Hurera relates :-'Once the apostle of God was siting with his companions when a dweller of the desert came and asked: Who is the son of Abdul Mottalib? It was replied: This man of white and red colour who is sitting..............'" (N. Vol. I. P. 491.)

(19) "Abu Hojaifa relates :-'Once the apostle of God went to bath and then he made ablution and offered two prostrations of prayer at the decline of the Sun.......People began to rub his hand on their faces. I too put his hand on my face and I found it cooler than ice and more sweet smelling than musk.'" (B. Vol. II. P. 130)

(20) "They affirmed that a marvellous fragrance which, according to the evidence of his wives and daughters, emanated from his person during life, still continued after his death." (Irving. P. 227.)

(21) "Ibrahim relates :-'During the night time the apostle of Cod could be identified by the sweet scent (of his body).' " (D. P. 23.)

(22) "Jabir relates :-'If the apostle of God would go one way, and if a way-farer would go the same way, he (the way-farer) could find out which way the (prophet) had gone, by the sweet scent of his (body), (or, the narrator said), by the sweet scent of his perspiration."' (D. P. 23)

(23) "A ruler (of the tribe) of Bani Harish relates :-'When the apostle of God stoned Maiz-bin-Malik I was present (on the scene) with my father. When the stones were rained on him (Maiz) I got terror stricken. On this the apostle of God hugged me to his breast, and his musk like (sweet-smelling) perspiration began to flow over me.'" (Ibid)

(24) "Abu Obaida-bin-Mohammed relates :-'O child, if thou hadst seen the apostle of God thou wouldst have thought (him to be like) the risen sun.'" (Ibid)

(25) "Son of Abbas relates :-'Between the two teeth of the apostle of God was (some) space. When he would talk light seemed to emanate from between his teeth.'" (Ibid)

(26) "Son of Omar relates :-'I never saw a man braver, more charitable, more valiant, more beautiful, and more decent than the apostle of God.'" (D. P. 23.)

(27) "Abu Hurera relates:- 'I never saw any one more beautiful than the apostle of God.'" (Ta.Vol. VI. P. 101.)

"Mohammed was distinguished by the beauty of his person, an outward gift which is seldom despised except by those to whom it has been refused." (An Apology for Mohammed and the Koran by Davenport PP. 11-12. Gibbon quoted.) Mohammed being the "handsomest"(The Life of Mohammed by Muir P. 510.) the comeliest, and the loveliest person, it is clear that he was the Buddha Maitreya, and not Jesus or Shankaracharya.


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