Islam and Muslims in Japan

Capital: Tokyo
Population: 127 Million
Muslims Percent: 0.2% (approx 250,000)

History of Islam in Japan

Japan and Islam - Hajji Mustafa Fujio Komura

Islam, the beacon of light in Japan

Marriages lead women into Islam in Japan

Japan's rich Muslim past and present - Al Jazeera

Islam in the Land of the Rising Sun - Al Jazeera


Abdullah Taqy - The Japanese Imam of Tokyo

The Rise of Islam in Japan

Miwa Essaadi - Muslims In Japanese Society

Japanese Converts to Islam

Ramadan in Japan

Blog entries in Japan

10/09/2017 The Long and Fascinating Journey of Islam to Japan - Mvslim
25/08/2017 Ever growing Muslim community in the world and Japan - Waseda University
18/06/2017 Tokyo Mosque hosts free dinner for Muslims to open their fast - TRT World
09/06/2017 Why Ramadan is a Big “WooW” for Japanese
09/05/2017 TEDx: A Japanese who found her Treasure "ISLAM" - [VIDEO]
04/08/2016 Ramadan in Japan: A Day in the Life of a Muslim Businessman -
01/07/2016 Japan has ruled to spy on all Muslims – after living there, I'm not surprised - Independent, UK
29/06/2016 Top court green-lights surveillance of Japan's Muslims
28/11/2015 Japan's newest and largest Ahmadi mosque opens its doors - Al Jazeera
15/07/2015 Observing Ramadan in Japan -
14/07/2015 Muslims in Japan observe fasting month of Ramadan - Today
23/02/2015 Japanese Mosques Bear Brunt of ISIL - OnIslam
27/11/2014 Islam Deepens Roots in Japan - OnIslam
20/11/2014 Japan’s Halal Whale Attracts Muslims - OnIslam
25/12/2012 Japanese youth increasingly convert to Islam, NU Indonesia
10/01/2008 Buddhism forced to turn trendy to attract a new generation in Japan
17/12/2007 IOL Second Life Hajj Goes Japanese
18/06/2006 Japan Joins Booming Islamic Banking
17/07/2004 For Japan’s Muslims, acceptance comes slowly - Daily Times, Pakistan
16/07/2004 Japanese Muslims Try To Remove Tarnished Image
20/07/2003 Two Japanese Women Become Muslim - Islam Online
24/05/2001 Pakistan Presses Japan To Act On Anti-Muslim Racism


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Qadiyani's / Qadiani's / Ahmaddiya Muslims


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