Islam and Muslims in Sudan

Capital: Khartoum
Population: 38.2 Million
Muslims Percent: 70% (approx 26.6 Million)

Islam in the Medieval Sudan

Darfuris: The Builders of Al-Khalawi

5 Truths About Darfur

15/05/06 In Darfur, rapes and shootings go on, despite peace agreement - Guardian
08/05/06 Refugees too scared to go home despite Darfur deal peace
06/05/06 Sudan signs peace deal with rebels over Darfur
06/05/06 Rebels sign Darfur peace deal after two years of talks
06/05/06 Making space for Darfur's victims - BBC
05/05/06 Why it takes a television series to draw attention to a real-life human drama
03/05/06 Darfur crisis puts Sudan top of 'failed states' list
01/05/06 Darfur peace hopes collapse as rebels reject proposed deal - Guardian
01/05/06 Darfur Rebels Reject Extended Deadline - IOL
26/04/06 UN Sounds Alarm Over Malnutrition in Darfur - IOL
22/04/06 Darfur relief operation weeks away from collapse, warns UN - Guardian
21/04/06 Darfur crisis is 'as bad as ever' - BBC
21/04/06 As the genocide in Darfur goes on, chaos and killing spread to Sudan's neighbours
16/04/06 Darfur's children deserve our protection - Guardian
16/04/06 UN Warns Chad Against Expelling Sudanese Refugees - IOL
21/01/06 Bankrupt peacekeeping mission leaves Darfur civilians exposed
18/01/06 The rape of Darfur - Guardian
19/12/05 Christmas Appeal: How just 60p buys hope for the women of Darfur - Independent
19/11/05 African Union reinforced as Darfur violence spirals - Independent
03/11/05 Cultivating independence - Guardian
28/10/05 Darfur rebels beset by problems - BBC
07/10/05 Darfur wasn't genocide and Sudan is not a terrorist state - Guardian
30/09/05 Refugees burned alive as violence returns to Darfur
26/09/05 Thousands flee as Darfur rebels renew attacks - Guardian
31/07/05 The world has turned away - but Darfur's misery goes on - Observer
16/03/05 180,000 die from hunger in Darfur - Guardian
17/02/05 Annan Urges Action Over “Hell” in Darfur - IOL
20/12/04 Sudanese government agrees to end hostilities - Guardian
05/12/04 Darfur families pledge to care for rape babies - Guardian
31/08/04 Corpses betray the truth of Darfur as deadline passes - Independent, UK
28/08/04 Sudan accused of sharing bases with militia - Guardian, UK
22/08/04 'You are slaves, die like slaves': Darfur refugees tell of Janjaweed killing spree
13/08/04 We are victims too, say Darfur's Arab refugees - INdependent, UK
10/08/04 Sudan massacres are not genocide, says EU - Guardian, UK
08/08/04 Sudan forces Darfur refugees from safety of camps to be killed by Arab militiamen
08/08/04 Misreading The Truth In Sudan - NY Times
06/08/04 'They want to kill us all. They are just devils' - Independent, UK
20/07/04 Arab women singers complicit in rape, says Amnesty report - Guardian,UK
13/06/04 The media, Sudan and Darfur - Arab Media Watch
12/05/04 The shameful Muslim silence on Darfur - Daily Star, Lebanon
18/08/03 Fighting a Peace Plan - MSNBC


Q&A: Sudan's Darfur conflict - BBC

Women in Sudan

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