Polygamy/Polygyny and Islam

Why is Polygamy allowed in Islam


Having a Second Wife in Western Countries

Polygamy and Polyandry

Polygamy between Islam and the West

Why Did the Prophet Have So Many Wives?

Questioning Polygamy

06/06/06 Bangladeshis Pay Polygamy Tax
04/04/06 The ideas interview: Phyllis Chesler
14/01/06 Chechen leader backs polygamy - Guardian
30/08/05 The hidden wives of Turkey
29/08/05 Busy wife promotes polygamy in Egypt
12/08/05 Private wives - Guardian
29/03/05 Ugandan 'polygamy' bill protest
08/07/04 Indonesia and the polygamy stir-fry: why men need more than one wife
22/06/04 Irish ban on polygamy
22/07/03 Gambian freeze on polygamy
14/01/03 Malaysian polygamy law under review
04/10/02 Tajik Women Want Polygamy Legalised
12/05/01 Stop Polygamy in India
30/04/01 Polygamy main cause of Divorce in Saudi
13/05/00 Polygamy Common In Turkmenistan, But Still Illegal


Polygamy in Chinese culture

The Canadian Home of Polygamy

Polygamy and Sikhism

Polygamy in Hinduism

23/11/06 Leader of polygamist sect forced girl into marriage at 14, court hears
21/11/06 Husband and wives
02/09/06 She was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar. Then she met Warren Buffet
30/08/06 Fugitive sect leader's reign of fear ended by traffic violation
19/07/06 America's most wanted: The man with eighty wives
11/06/06 Open relationships: One lover is never enough
11/06/06 Fears of new Waco as FBI hunt for Svengali leader of polygamy cult
10/05/06 Organised-crime investigation into American polygamous sect
19/04/06 Self-styled biblical king Philip Sharp wields a messianic power over seven 'wives' and five children at their home in Sussex
18/04/06 Convert and remarry?
27/02/06 The march of the Mormons
13/11/05 Forget monogamy and swinging. We're seriously polyamorous - Observer
01/11/05 1.5m Chinese 'descendants of one man'
30/06/05 Hellfire and sexual coercion: the dark side of American polygamist sects
14/06/05 The lost boys, thrown out of US sect so that older men can marry more wives
03/03/05 Jathedar Iqbal Singh: Polygamy Acceptable
28/09/04 Hong Kong: Tycoon, concubine engage in battle over her legal rights
31/10/03 Two brides-in-one for Indian groom
02/04/03 Indian state amends bigamy law
18/11/02 Swazi polygamy under spotlight
12/06/01 Bigamy row in Colombia
12/05/01 Utah versus 1 man, 5 wives, 25 children - Guardian
06/05/00 Hindu men can't hide behind Islam for bigamy: SC
07/01/95 Hong Kong Targets Its Two-Family Men


The Rick A. Ross Institute archive on Polygamy in USA and Canada


Marriage in Islam

Mutah/Mut'ah/Temporary Marriage in Islam

Mesyar/Misyar Marriage

Wife in Islam

Women in Islam

Matrimonial Services

Talaq (Divorce)

Family Planning in Islam

Ghusl (Bathing)

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