Gujarat Pogrom

01/03/2007 Five years on, those behind the Gujarat anti-Muslim pogrom are still running the state
09/05/2006 Baroda: The divided city
05/03/2006 Gujarat Muslims: Appeal to Sachar Committee
04/03/2006 Gujarat after four years - Milli Gazette
04/03/2006 They hate us, we fear them – the situation in Gujarat - Milli Gazete
25/02/2006 Conviction of Gujarat Riot Culprits Will Re-establish the Credibility of the Judiciary

Conspiracy of Gujarat Genocide
I quit Gujarat judiciary because govt. wanted me to act against minority: Former judge
Godhra's unanswered questions - Hindustan Times
Seven mysteries of Godhra train burning unraveled
Godhra bogie was burnt from inside: Report - Times of India
Truth about the Train Incident

11/11/2011 Indian court convicts 31 over Gujarat riots
16/09/2009 The memory of Gujarat can't be erased
29/04/2009 Even God's Arm Is Not Long Enough To Catch The Murderers Of Gujarat!
28/04/2009 The Taliban is already amidst us in India
22/01/2008 I stand vindicated: Bilkis Bano
21/01/2008 Life sentences over Gujarat riots
21/01/2008 Gujarat rioters get life for rape, murders
24/12/2007 Gujarat stays with Modi, Muslims pray for peace
07/12/2007 Religions in conflict: India's state of war
06/12/2007 Tale of two cities as India's Gujarat goes to polls
05/12/2007 Anti-Muslim ‘poison’ still strong , says Aruna Roy
04/12/2007 Gujarat polls succumb to Ghettoism
02/12/2007 Muslim voters feel suffocated in Gujarat
27/11/2007 Gujarat Muslims denied voting rights
03/11/2007 ‘Muslims, They Don't Deserve To Live’
03/11/2007 Overview: The Anatomy Of Manufactured Lies
04/05/2006 India troops patrol riot-hit city
03/05/2006 Hindu mob burns Muslim to death
01/05/2006 Three dead as police, mob clash in India's Gujarat
22/03/2006 Grisly Discovery Reopens Old Wounds in Village in India
03/01/2006 Mass grave found in Gujarat - Muslim News
03/01/2006 Experts to solve Lunavada grave mystery
02/01/2006 Gujarat mass grave charges filed
28/12/2005 Villagers uncover mass grave dating from riots
14/12/2005 Eleven sentenced for Gujarat riot - BBC
08/06/2005 Key Godhra witness turns hostile
15/04/2005 ‘Modi told me: Focus on Muslim militants’
14/04/2005 Cong wants CBI probe into charges against Modi
14/04/2005 Addl DGP targets Modi in affidavit before Godhra panel
02/02/2005 Gujarat’s Islamic Movement
01/02/2005 The politics of evidence - Rediff
17/01/2005 India train fire 'not mob attack' - BBC
11/01/2005 The Talented Mr. Modi
07/09/2004 Riot victims in India suffer behind 3 metre wall
31/08/2004 Policeman accuses Gujarat BJP - BBC
26/08/2004 Cop admits he got bodies of 13 Muslim victims burnt - Indian Express
24/08/2004 Gujarat: 'I have a new life, thanks to Allah' - Indian Express
11/08/2004 'It is nonsense to say that Godhra was planned'
29/07/2004 Hindu-Muslim clashes in Gujarat: 18 more shops, 13 vehicles torched
26/06/2004 Already walled in, these Muslims told to shut doors, raise fences
11/06/2004 Land prices rising in Muslim areas - Times of India
04/06/2004 Buses still skirt Muslim areas in Ahmedabad - Times of India
15/04/2004 Does the Constitution not apply to Gujarat? - Rediff, India
24/02/2004 Two years on, Gujarat's wounds are still raw - Guardian
20/02/2004 Flash in the pan? - Hindustan Times, India
12/01/2004 Gujarat's festering wounds - BBC, UK
31/12/2003 Healing the orphans of Gujarat's riots
27/12/2003 UN tells India to provide status report on justice to women
05/12/2003 Juhapura: Muslim settlement works to change dubious stereotype
03/11/2003 Only Muslims died, sent to hospital, cops say it’s coincidence - Indian Express
27/06/2003 Gujarat Hindus acquitted - BBC
13/03/2003 Gujarat riots film banned - BBC
18/12/2002 ‘Muslims won’t leave Gujarat but won’t live as second-class citizens’
16/10/2002 Hate speeches on the violence in Gujarat must be stopped - Amnesty International
31/07/2002 When a town in Gujarat refused to burn - Rediff
30/06/2002 Muslims escape riots to find jobs gone - Indian Express
Hindu Mobs Wound 2 Muslims in India
'Anti-Muslim' row hits India
'Please don't say this was a riot. It was genocide, pure and simple' - Telegraph, UK
Renounce faith or do not return, Indian Muslims told - Milli Gazette
Reality bites - Deccan Herald, India
Hospitals in Muslim areas being built at frenzied pace - Times of India
Gujarat victims were 'stripped, burned and hacked' - Independent, UK
Gujarat Muslim women 'rape victims' - BBC
Gujarat Testifies to Extremists* Arts of killing, Arson, Rape
Secret UK report says Gujarat death toll 'much greater' - Independent, UK
Muslim refugees face new horrors in camps
After Riots, Some Muslims Fear for Their Future in India - NY Times
Killing Thy Neighbor - Time Magazine Cover Story
5,000 Killed, 50,000 Homeless in India 'Pogrom'
Uneasy Calm...Muslims Under Attack -
Gujarat's Muslim heritage smashed in riots
Killing of human, burning live and looting means devastation of Muslims in Gujarat
Field Reports From Gujarat India
The myth of Ram's temple has become a licence to kill in India - Independent, UK
In India, a Child's Life Is Cheap Indeed - NY Times
Police took part in slaughter of Muslims - Observer, UK
Rapes Go Unpunished In Indian Mob Attacks

Hindu Fundamentalism

Fascism's Firm Footprint in India - ARUNDHATI ROY

Hindu Rashtra? It's all over Gujarat - Times of India

The Hindu hurricane - Guardian, UK

The Spiral of Violence - NDTV

India preventing probe into Gujarat riots: Amnesty

Hindu Nationalists Are Enrolling, and Enlisting, India's Poor - NY Times

03/11/2007 Local Bajrang Dal Leader: ‘After Killing Them, I Felt Like Maharana Pratap’
03/11/2007 Local Bajrang Dal Leader: ‘After Killing Them, I Felt Like Maharana Pratap’ [VIDEO]
03/11/2007 ‘Their Eyes And Mouths Were Shut’
03/11/2007 ‘To Get Me Out On Bail, Narendrabhai Changed Judges Thrice’


Threatened Existence: A Feminist Analysis of the Genocide in Gujarat - Report by the International Initiative for Justice (IIJ), December 2003

How the Gujrat Riots have affected Minority Women - Citizens Initiative, Ahmedabad

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Report of the visit by CPI(M) and AIDWA to Gujarat


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