Islam and Muslims in USA

Capital: Washington, DC
Population: 293 Million
Muslims Percent: 1.5%-2% (Approx 5 Million)

Islam in United States : Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

Challenging ignorance on Islam: A ten-point primer for Americans

The New Islam

Allah in America

What America Teaches Us

Growth of Muslims in USA

How to make america an Islamic Nation

Mosques extend activities

All-American Osamas

Pre-Columbian Muslims in the Americas

14/12/05 Islam in America - 3 Articles from Seattle Times
14/12/05 Islam in America, the present and future
07/12/05 8 times, Al-Arian hears 'Not guilty'
03/12/05 Still us and them?
22/11/05 Campus Greek Life Could Get Islamic Touch
03/11/05 There are more Muslims that some numbers tell - Miami Herald
04/11/05 10,000 protest against Bush
03/11/05 Woman. Muslim. American. - San Antonio Current
23/10/05 Young, Muslim and living in America
04/10/05 A look at American Muslim history - Seattle Post-Intelligencer
24/09/05 Jewish Radical Gets 20 Years in Mosque Bomb Plot
21/09/05 When the Landlord Is Muslim - New York Times
20/09/05 Bias threatens Muslim careers
10/09/05 Muslims face misconceptions From hate crimes to school bullies
04/09/05 Muslims aim to challenge critics in America
27/07/05 More Americans See Islam in Favorable Light: Poll - Islam Online
24/07/05 Iran militant is now hero of US right - Observer, UK
19/07/05 American Muslims ache, too
26/04/05 Americans don't understand Islam
21/03/05 After 9/11, Azadeh Zainab Sharif started wearing the hajib - San Fransisco Gate
14/03/05 Muslim American: A new identity? - BBC


Islamophobia in America (USA)

9/11 World Trade Center (WTC) Bombing

American War Crimes Homepage

Iraq Prisoner Abuse by Americans and British Soldiers

Guantanamo Prisoner Abuse by Americans


Anthrax? The F.B.I. Yawns

Riddle of the spores

Anthrax preparation indicates home-grown origin

Islam in America: From African Slaves to Malcom X

Photographs of Mosques in America

Muslim Life in America Homepage

Islam in United States

American Mosque Report

No of Mosque's grow by 25% in USA

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