Muslim Girls Names begining with A

Name             Pronunciation     Meaning
Abal             'Abal             Wild rose 
Abeer            Abeer             Fragrance, perfume
Abia             Abia              Great 
Abida            Abida             Worshipper 
Abidah           'Abidah           Worshipper
Abir             'Abir             Fragrance, perfume 
Abla             Abla'             Perfectly formed
Ablaa            Abla'             Perfectly formed
Ablah            'Ablah            Perfectly formed 
Abra             Abra              Example, lesson 
Abrar            Abrar             Devoted to God 
Aadab            A'dab             Hope and need 
Adara            Adara             Virgin 
Adawiyah         'Adawiyah         Summer plant 
Adeela           'Adilah           Equal, just, honest
Adiba            Adiba             Well-mannered, cultured, polite; writer 
Adila            'Adilah           Equal, just, honest 
Adn              'Adn              Paradise 
Afaf             'Afaf             Chaste, virtuous, decent, pure 
Afifah           'Afifah           Chaste, modest 
Afnan	         Afnan             Tree branches or twigs 
Afra,Afraa      'Afra'             White 
Afya             Afya              Shadows 
Ahd, Ahad       'Ahd               Pledge, commitment, delegation 
Ahlam            Ahlam             Witty, imaginative; one who has pleasant dreams 
Aidah, Aida     'A'idah            Visiting, returning; reward 
Ain             Ain                Eye, thus "precious" 
Aini            Aini               Spring, flower, source, choice 
Aisha, Aishah   'A'ishah           Living, prosperous; youngest wife of the Prophet 
Akilah          Akilah             Intelligent, logical, one who reasons 
Aalaa           Ala'               Signs of Allah 
Alhena          Alhena             A ring; (A star in the constellation Gemini) 
Alima           Alima              Wise 
Alimah	        Alimah             Skilled in music or dance 
Alia, Aliyah    A'lia              Exaulted, elevated, highest social standing 
Aliyyah        'Aliyah             Exaulted, elevated, highest social standing
Almas           Almas              Diamond 
Altaf           Altaf              Kindness, politeness 
Aludra          Aludra             Virgin 
Alya           'Alya'             Loftiness 
Al Zahra        Al Zahra           The illuminated; nickname of the Prophet's daughter, Fatimah 
Alzubra         Alzubra            A star in the constellation Leo
Amal, Aamal     A'mal              Hope, aspiration 
Amala           A'mala             Hope, aspiration
Aman            Aman               Security, peace, safety 
Amani           Amani              Wishes, aspirations 
Amatullah       Amatullah          Female servant of Allah 
Amber           Amber              Jewel 
Ameena          Ameena             Trustworthy, faithful, secure; name of the mother of the Prophet
Ameera          Ameera             Princess, leader
Aminah          Aminah             Trustworthy, faithful, secure; name of the mother of the Prophet 
Amineh          Amineh             Trustworthy, faithful, secure; name of the mother of the Prophet
Amirah          Amirah             Princess, leader 
Amjad           Amjad              Magnificence, splendor 
Amsah           Amsah              Friendly; of good company 
Anaan           'Anan              Clouds 
Anbar	        'Anbar             Perfume, ambergris 
Anbarin	        'Anbarin           of ambergris 
Aneesa          Aneesa             lose, intimate, good friend
Anisah          Anisah             lose, intimate, good friend 
Anjum           Anjum              Stars 
Anmar           Anmar              Leopard 
Anwar, Awaar    Anwar, Awaar       Rays of light, blossoms 
Aqilah          'Aqilah            Wife, spouse; the best, the pick 
Ara             Ara                Opinions 
Aram            Aram               Signs, flags 
Areebah         Areebah            Witty, smart 
Arij, Areej     Arij, Areej        Fragrance, sweet smell 
Arub, Aroob     'Arub              Loving to her husband 
Asalah          Asalah             Nobility of descent 
Ashwaq          Ashwaq             Love, affections 
Asil            Asil               Smooth 
Asilah          Asilah             Noble origin, pure 
Asimah, Asima   'Asimah, Asima     Protector 
Asiya, Asiyah   Asiya, Asiyah      One who tends to the weak, one who heals, comforts, consoles 
Asma, Asmaa     'Asma'             Excellent, lofty, eminent, precious; daughter of Abu Bakr 
Asra            Asra               Travel by night 
Asrar           Asrar              Secrets 
Asriyah         'Asriyah           Modernist 
Athir           Athir              Favored, preferred 
Atifa, Atifah   'Atifah            Affectionate, compassionate, sympathetic 
Atika, Atikah   'Atikah            Virgin, pure, clear 
Atiya, Atiyah   'Atiyah            Gift, present 
Atyaf           Atyaf              Fantasies 
Awatif          'Awatif            Emotions 
Ayah, Ayeh      Ayah, Ayeh         Qur'anic verse, clear evidence, sign of God 
Ayishah         'A'ishah           Living, prosperous; youngest wife of the Prophet
Ayat            Ayat               Qur'anic verses, clear evidences, signs of God 
Azhar, Azhaar   Azhar              Flowers, blossoms 
Aziza, Azeeza   'Azizah            Precious, cherished, beloved, dear 
Azza, Azzah     'Azzah             Young, female gazelle 


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