Islam and Muslims in Yemen

Capital: Sanaa
Population: 20.7 Million
Muslims Percent: 99% (65% Sunni (Shafi'i), 35% Shia (Zaydi))

Islam in Yemen

Yemen Timeline

04/08/05 Yemen: From a new perspective - Yemen Times
23/07/05 36 die in riots after Yemen fuel price hikes
21/07/05 Eight die in Yemen street protests
08/04/05 Fresh Yemen clashes 'kill scores' - BBC
02/04/05 Koranic duels ease terror - CS Monitor
11/02/04 Saudi Arabia enrages Yemen with fence - Independent
20/11/02 The CIA offensive in Yemen: A Legal Response - IOL
06/07/02 Yemeni Jews adhere to their homeland
29/05/02 "Hundreds, if not thousands" unfairly held in Yemen: parliament speaker


Yemen Times Newspaper

Judaism and Islam in Yemen


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