Islamophobia in UK/Britain

Islamophobia in Britain

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12/10/2016 What does Islamophobia feel like? We dressed visibly as Muslims for a month to find out
04/03/2016 British man forced off easyJet plane after passenger saw message about 'prayer' on his phone
12/11/2015 Rising Islamophobia In Britain 'Is Creating An Environment Of Hate' - Islamic Human Rights Commission Report
28/02/2015 'Anti-Islamisation' group Pegida UK holds Newcastle march
13/02/2014 As Hate Crimes Rise, British Muslims Say They’re Becoming More Insular
05/02/2014 Ukip MEP calls for Muslims to sign a non-violence charter
20/01/2014 Islamophobia - Bigotry or Hypocrisy?
25/10/2013 Student gets 40 years for terror campaign against Muslims
03/10/2013 Why would anyone believe in the "Islamophobia industry"?
25/09/2013 Islamophobia Amongst Young Revealed As Poll Shows More Than A Quarter ‘Do Not Trust Muslims’
13/08/2013 'The glass ceiling is incredibly low for Muslim women'
24/07/2013 Who is the man with the mosque bomb tattoo? 'EDL member' poses brazenly with inking depicting explosion at Muslim place of worship
23/07/2013 Muslim group demands tougher response to mosque attacks
19/07/2013 Two held over suspected mosque bombing campaign in Midlands
12/07/2013 Counter-terror police investigate 'nail bomb' near Tipton mosque hours after Woolwich soldier Lee Rigby's funeral
08/07/2013 Islamophobia rises in British society
02/07/2013 The Sun plumbs new Islamophobic depths
28/06/2013 Half of Britain’s mosques have been attacked since 9/11
19/06/2013 'Grown men look like they want to hit me': Tony Blair's Muslim convert sister-in-law Lauren Booth speaks of her fear in wake of Lee Rigby killing
14/06/2013 Woolwich attack: racist Facebook posts lead to suspended jail term
11/06/2013 "We Got Your Back": Fox Host Kilmeade Endorses Tommy Robinson, Leader Of Violent Anti-Muslim Hate Group
09/06/2013 Darul Uloom School fire: Pupils and staff evacuated
08/06/2013 UK mosques urged to install panic alarms and safe rooms
06/06/2013 Muswell Hill: Counter-terror police probe firebombing after EDL graffiti sprayed on centre
29/05/2013 UK Muslims face far-right revenge attacks
28/05/2013 Woolwich backlash: Ten attacks on mosques since murder of Drummer Lee Rigby
27/05/2013 York mosque counters EDL protest with tea, biscuits and football
27/05/2013 Grimsby mosque targeted with petrol bombs
25/05/2013 EDL marches on Newcastle as attacks on Muslims increase tenfold in the wake of Woolwich machete attack which killed Drummer Lee Rigby
23/05/2013 Attacks on Muslims spike after Woolwich killing
11/02/2013 How do I deal with my daughter, 7, being told she is the 'wrong colour'?
28/12/2012 Pig's head left outside centre used by Muslims
07/12/2012 Ethnic minority women face jobs crisis
12/10/2012 The Right To Offend? Mehdi Hasan Denies 'Absolute Right' To Freedom Of Speech
16/09/2012 Voters more likely to back an anti-Muslim party than reject it – poll
14/08/2012 Muslim brothers 'abused' by rivals' parents on chess trip
26/07/2012 Mohammed Amin: Islamophobia – a trap for unwary Muslims
26/07/2012 EDL Demonstration in Chelmsford: Protestors Chanted 'You burn our poppy, we burn your mosque'
20/07/2012 A New Age of Racism: Why the Leveson Inquiry Must Investigate Anti-Muslim Bigotry
14/07/2012 Police 'made up' evidence against Muslim student
12/07/2012 Owen Jones: Islamophobia - for Muslims, read Jews. And be shocked
08/07/2012 We mustn't allow Muslims in public life to be silenced
05/06/2012 Attack outside mosque: Boy charged
02/12/2011 The terror of Babar Ahmad
28/11/2011 Cambridge pub landlord sacked by his parents after disgusting racist rant
24/11/2011 Community rift over undercover police in mosques
24/11/2011 Halifax EDL rally 'wanted men' CCTV released by police
23/11/2011 Muslims proud to be British? There's something to learn from the surprise
02/11/2011 Far-right extremism is much more than a political irritant
09/08/2011 Appeal for calm after attack on Elswick mosque
11/06/2011 Muslims call for action against hate crimes
11/06/2011 Nottingham University films students suspected of extremism
29/05/2011 Hay Festival 2011: Professor risks political storm over Muslim 'inbreeding'
04/12/2010 Teenagers arrested after Stoke mosque set on fire
22/11/2010 Is a storm brewing in Europe?
22/10/2013 Extremist Pavlo Lapshyn admits murdering elderly Muslim man and committing mosque attacks in attempt to spark 'race war'
27/11/2010 Jewish? Gay? Join us, white extremists say
25/10/2010 CCTV aimed at Muslim areas in Birmingham to be dismantled
23/09/2010 Six arrested over 'burning Korans'
20/09/2010 'They asked me where Bin Laden was, then they took my DNA'
23/07/2010 EDL accused of threatening, intimidating and harassing Luton residents
23/07/2010 Muslim woman wearing veil 'refused bus ride' in London
22/07/2010 Leicester: Muslim women who wear veils suffer rise in hostility and abuse
13/07/2010 Police payout for men beaten at Gaza protest
12/07/2010 Police payout for men beaten at Gaza protest
30/06/2010 Dewsbury newspaper links Cumbria murder to Muslims
27/02/2010 UK Churches Fight Islamophobia, Racism
29/01/2010 How young Muslims are fighting extremist propaganda
28/01/2010 Media and politicians 'fuel rise in hate crimes against Muslims'
15/09/2009 Islamophobia in London
06/09/2009 Police arrest 90 after clashes at rightwing rally
26/08/2009 Muslim man claims he was kidnapped and threatened at knifepoint over prayer sessions
06/07/2009 Police fear far-right terror attack
26/05/2009 MI5: leave young Muslims alone
09/05/2009 Suspected arson attack on Islamic centre
30/04/2009 Muslims hit by trebling in stop and search
24/04/2009 Bad news, the BNP says I don't exist
18/03/2009 Metropolitan police pays Muslim man £60,000 damages over 'serious attack'
05/01/2009 Muslim bank manager to sue HBOS for £16.7m in sex and race claim
17/12/2008 Express pays £45,000 for extremism slur against leading Muslim
07/09/2006 Muslim girls surge ahead at school but held back at work
07/09/2006 'My manager said I looked like a terrorist'
01/09/2006 Message to middle England: 'We don't all wear burqas'
01/09/2006 Incoherent on cohesion
31/08/2006 Two men bailed over mosque attack
30/08/2006 Blind pensioner beaten with stick
07/01/2006 Birmingham: Arsonists set fire to city mosque
16/12/2005 Muslim Glaswegians under pressure post 9/11
16/12/2005 Detained for 11 hours for being a Muslim
03/07/2004 Police accused of 'Islamophobic' stop and search tactics
03/06/2004 Muslims made to feel like an enemy within by Islamophobic attitudes, report concludes
02/06/2004 Think-tank warns of anti-Islam 'time bomb'
12/01/2004 Another rule for the Arabs
04/01/2002 Dossier reveals a massive rise in attacks on British Muslims


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