Islam and Muslims in Turkey

Capital: Ankara
Population: 67 Million
Muslims Percent: 99.8%

Turkey's two faces - one Muslim, one pro-Europe

Turkey's secular fundamentalists target woman over hijab

Latest News on Islam and Muslims in Turkey

22/02/2017 Female officers allowed to wear headscarves
02/01/2017 Manhunt under way as people mourn killings in Istanbul
02/01/2017 This is the reason why we don't dwell on Turkish deaths in the West
29/11/2016 Erdogan: Protecting Jerusalem a Muslim obligation
22/11/2016 Turkey: Erdoğan rule could extend until 2029 under proposal
31/10/2016 Turkey sacks 10,000 civil servants, shuts media outlets
28/10/2016 Turkish minister: Fethullah Gulen is our bin Laden
20/10/2016 Hijab-wearing Taekwondo champion divides opinion in Turkey
15/10/2016 A beautiful mosque and the dark period of the Armenian genocide
22/08/2016 Turkey: Suicide bomber kills more than 50 at wedding
20/07/2016 Turkey blocks WikiLeaks over release of AK Party emails
17/07/2016 Turkey's coup attempt captured in dramatic images
16/07/2016 Fethullah Gülen: Turkey coup may have been 'staged' by Erdoğan regime
16/07/2016 Fethullah Gülen: who is the man Turkey's president blames for coup attempt?
30/06/2016 Why don't we stand with Turkey, like we did with Paris and Orlando?
29/06/2016 Isis behind attack on Istanbul Ataturk airport says Turkish Prime Minister
29/06/2016 Turkey's Erdogan vows unity after deadly airport blasts
23/04/2016 Arabs launch Thanks Turkey campaign
22/04/2016 Turkish border guards 'shoot eight Syrian refugees dead' including women and children trying to reach safety
22/04/2016 Syrian Refugees In Turkey Face Uncertain Future In Informal Encampments
18/04/2016 IS rockets kill Syrian children in southern Turkey
14/04/2016 Turkey's President Erdogan urges Muslims to overcome splits, fight terror at Islamic summit
05/04/2016 Pictures of life for Turkey's 2.5 million Syrian refugees
03/04/2016 In a devastated Turkish town, teenagers dream of joining the Kurdish guerrillas
29/03/2016 Turkey’s top Muslim leader abhors terrorism
27/12/2015 Istanbul: Turkish cuisine at a crossroads
29/11/2015 Prominent pro-Kurdish lawyer shot dead in Turkey
15/10/2015 Turkey conflict: Every regional power has betrayed the Kurds so Turkish bombing is no surprise
11/10/2015 Turkey mourns victims of Ankara blasts
19/09/2015 Kurdish city battered by Turkey's crackdown
04/07/2015 Hundreds march in Istanbul in support of Uighurs
02/07/2015 Syria's Kurds warn Turkey not to intervene militarily
08/06/2015 Kurds celebrate gains amid blow to Turkey's AK party
01/05/2015 Turkey's Alevis 'under the shadow of military tanks'
21/03/2015 Kurds commit to Turkish peace process as PKK leader announces definitive end to '40-year-long armed struggle' with the state
22/02/2015 Turkey launches rescue operation inside Syria
22/02/2015 The story of Turkey, Syria and a 700-year-old tomb
21/01/2015 Erdogan: The hero of Somalia
29/11/2014 Pope Francis prays in Istanbul's Blue Mosque
28/11/2014 On Erdogan and Muslim mothers
20/12/2004 We need a tiger in our tank - Guardian
19/12/2004 The dark side of Turkey's dream - Guardian
17/12/2004 Europe offers wary hand to Turkey - Guardian
12/12/2004 Europe must open its doors to Turkey - Guardian
03/12/2004 'Islam problem' baffles Turkey - BBC
05/11/2004 The west is ready for the EU. The east is lost in the past
22/09/2004 In 1683 Turkey was the invader. In 2004 much of Europe still sees it that way
03/06/2004 Turkey 'plagued by crimes of honour' - Guardian, UK
02/10/2004 Turkey's EU bid 'may take decade' - BBC
31/10/2003 - Turkey's Republic Day party dress code: no head scarves - CS Monitor
29/10/2003 - Minarets Light Up Istanbul Sky In Ramadan - Islam Online
08/10/2003 - Turkey to sell $400-500 mln Islamic bonds, sources say - Muslim News
26/09/2003 - Islam in Turkey: Odd one out - BBC, UK
25/03/2003 - Kurds in Turkey `just want their rights' - Haaretz, Israel
20/08/2002 - Headscarf issue flares after woman's death in Turkey
22/07/2002 - Turkey: Battle of the headscarf - BBC


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