Islam and Muslims in Turkey

Capital: Ankara
Population: 67 Million
Muslims Percent: 99.8%

Turkey's two faces - one Muslim, one pro-Europe

Turkey's secular fundamentalists target woman over hijab


20/12/04 We need a tiger in our tank - Guardian

19/12/04 The dark side of Turkey's dream - Guardian

17/12/04 Europe offers wary hand to Turkey - Guardian

12/12/04 Europe must open its doors to Turkey - Guardian

03/12/04 'Islam problem' baffles Turkey - BBC

05/11/04 The west is ready for the EU. The east is lost in the past

22/09/04 In 1683 Turkey was the invader. In 2004 much of Europe still sees it that way

03/06/04 Turkey 'plagued by crimes of honour' - Guardian, UK

02/10/04 Turkey's EU bid 'may take decade' - BBC

31/10/03 - Turkey's Republic Day party dress code: no head scarves - CS Monitor

29/10/03 - Minarets Light Up Istanbul Sky In Ramadan - Islam Online

08/10/03 - Turkey to sell $400-500 mln Islamic bonds, sources say - Muslim News

26/09/03 - Islam in Turkey: Odd one out - BBC, UK

25/03/03 - Kurds in Turkey `just want their rights' - Haaretz, Israel

20/08/02 - Headscarf issue flares after woman's death in Turkey

22/07/02 - Turkey: Battle of the headscarf - BBC


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