Friends of Charities Association Condemns Spain Attack

Thursday March 11, 10:56 pm ET  

Declares Terror Act Void of Religious or Political


WASHINGTON, March 11 /PRNewswire/ -- The Friends of

Charities Association (FOCA), a group composed of

leading faith-based charities providing humanitarian

relief work all over the world, today released the

following condemnation of the attack against Spanish

train commuters:

"These attacks bring back vivid memories of those

international tragedies on August 7, 1998, September

11, 2001, October 12, 2002, May 12, 2003 and other

painful days of infamy. Not spared from the ugly

specter of terror, the people of Spain must sadly

endure yet another attack against innocent civilians.

We mourn for those who lost their lives, weep with

their families, lament with the injured, and grieve

for those who have been victimized as a result of this

tragedy. We mourn this international tragedy that has

victimized all of us.

"We at FOCA oppose terrorism in all its faces and

forms. No political goal is justified by such an act

as today's train bombing. We must never forget the

agony of innocent victims, the heroism of emergency

personnel and law enforcement officers, the suffering

of survivors, the orphaned children, and the broken

families. We must remember that these victims from all

over the world, of all races and religions, are

victims of a scourge to humanity, terrorism. To forget

this and other such tragedies would be acquiescing to

terror, and to the misery it brings. We will join

hands in the struggle against terror and those who

support it.

"The charities that comprise FOCA have experienced the

misery of worldwide human suffering for the past

several decades. We have spoken out forcefully and

consistently against the injustice of terrorism. In

our efforts to provide aid to innocent victims of

terrorism worldwide, and in accordance with our faith

which condemns terrorism, we are evermore fervent in

our moral obligation to continue our services to

assist all those in need."

FOCA is composed of the following member

organizations: the Muslim World League, the

International Islamic Relief Organization, World

Assembly of Muslim Youth, Al Haramain Islamic

Foundation and Al Muntada Al Islami. 


     Wendell Belew

     (202) 255-3808

     1150 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 900

     Washington, DC 20036


Source: Friends of Charities Association


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