Islam and Muslims in Russia

Capital: Moscow
Population: 145 Million
Muslims Percent: 19% (approx 27 Million)


Islam in Russia

Russian Islam

Russians Increasingly Embracing Islam

Arctic Muslims

Russia's Tatars Turning to Islamic Roots

Russia Persecutes Muslims: Rights Group

Revival of Cossacks Casts Muslim Group Out of Russia to U.S.

The rise of Russian Muslims worries Orthodox Church

Latest news on Russia from Islamic News Updates

21/01/2016 Russia charges in absentia Muslim Tatar leader - Al Jazeera
17/09/2015 Muslims to Open Moscow Cathedral Mosque - OnIslam
01/08/2015 Faith Leaders in Moscow Mosque Opening - OnIslam
22/07/2015 Despite animosity, Moscow's Muslims change the city - AL Jazeera
08/06/2015 Why are migrants fleeing Moscow? - The Guardian
08/04/2015 20 Fascinating Photos of Muslims in 1910 Russia
08/04/2015 Red Juma Mosque opens after 90 years in Russia
05/12/2013 Russian Muslims Restore Tatars Mosque - OnIslam
13/08/2013 Moscow mosque shortage prompts city parks prayer place proposal
08/08/2013 Russia Photos: Ramadan Ends in Moscow - EurasiaNet
14/07/2013 Russian Muslims Welcome Ramadan - OnIslam
26/02/2013 Tatarstan: Smooth Islamization Splashed with Blood - OnIslam
13/02/2013 Moscow's Mobile Mosques - OnIslam
23/01/2015 Russia Bans Book on Prophet Companion
13/01/2015 Allegiance to ISIL splits Russian fighters - Al Jazeera
10/12/2014 Russia's burgeoning ISIL problem - Al Jazeera
10/09/2014 Russian Archpriest Says Future for Muslims - OnIslam
24/07/2014 Ramadan in Moscow: Spirituality & Togetherness - OnIslam
09/04/2014 Coming Back: A history of Crimea's Tatars - Al Jazeera
02/04/2014 Tatars fear a future under Russia - Al Jazeera
07/03/2014 "They Are Skiing On Circassians' Bones"
17/02/2014 Discrimination Olympics: Meddling with Muslims in Sochi - Al Jazeera
21/07/2012 Putin denounces Muslim murders in Tatarstan - Al Jazeera
14/10/2010 Dagestan: Russia's Islamic enemy within - Independent, UK
07/06/2009 Russia's Muslims in Economic Crisis
03/05/2009 Russian Muslims Between Oil and Federalism
11/03/2009 Russia finally admits to its hidden heroin epidemic - Independent, UK
18/12/2008 Islam in Russia: History and Facts
11/03/2008 Islam in the Volga Region - Islam Online
25/01/2008 Malaysia Inspires Russian Muslims, Says Religious Elder
07/12/2007 Russia Opens First Muslim Clinic
25/05/2007 Books of Said Nursi are banned in Russia
23/05/2007 Muslims upset by Russian court verdict on Risale-i Nur
17/03/2007 'Fascism is in fashion'
02/02/2007 'It shows both our war, and not our war'
22/01/2007 Litvinenko's Russia - Exclusive: The book Putin banned
16/12/2006 Walter Litvinenko: 'Putin murdered my son' - Independent, UK
14/12/2006 I will not be silenced, says Russia critic
19/11/2006 Russia has a Muslim dilemma Ethnic Russians hostile to Muslims
24/08/2006 Moscow blast 'targeted Asian market traders' - The Guardian
04/07/2006 Mosque Destroyed in Terror Attack Near Russian Capital
24/04/2006 Armenian student killed in Moscow race attack - The Guardian
17/04/2006 Upsurge in Russian race killings marks run-up to Hitler's birthday - Independent, UK
01/04/2006 Stalinism Forever
27/03/2006 Girl aged nine stabbed in face as Russian race tension spreads - The Guardian
07/01/2006 'Russia's curse' casts pall over orthodox holiday
22/12/2005 Students bear brunt of racist fury
09/12/2005 Population gloom - The Guardian
02/12/2005 Russian Muslims Decry Controversial Book
30/11/2005 Russia's nightmare is coming true: an explosion of Islamic militancy
25/10/2005 Russia's Islamophobia
24/10/2005 Population dip in Russia blamed on alcoholism and poverty
23/10/2005 Caucasian Muslims Decry Russian Police Abuses
17/10/2005 Russian Leader Blames Unrest on Repressing Islam
14/10/2005 Russian Islam goes its own way
28/07/2005 Young, patriotic and bullied to death
21/09/2005 Over Harassment, Russian Muslim Soldiers Escape
29/10/2004 New Mosques for Russian Muslims in Ramadan
31/08/2004 Russian Converts to Islam Promote Tolerance
20/06/2004 Russian Muslims Set Up Body To Spread Islam
11/06/2004 'Minaret' New Magazine For Russian Muslims - Islam Online
04/06/2004 Moscow Hosts "Islam Against Terrorism" Conference
05/05/2004 Russian Village Founds Cheerful Muslims Club to Improve Islam's Image
11/02/2004 Russian Skinheads Stab Muslim Girl In 'Bestial Murder' - Islam Online
24/09/2003 Wrong Interpretation of Islam - Pravda
05/08/2003 A War Russia Loses by Winning
15/05/2003 Russian Muslims hail headscarf ruling - BBC
27/04/2003 Russian Muslims struggle to define their faith
23/12/2002 Russia's Muslims Become Targets - Washington Post
09/09/2002 Muslims Test Russia's Tolerance - Washington Post
06/03/2001 Moscow courts its million Muslims - BBC


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