Islam and Muslims in Bulgaria

Capital: Sofia
Population: 7.5 Million
Muslims Percent: 12.1% (approx 0.912 Million)

Islam in Bulgaria

The Minority’s Minority

[PDF] Muslim Minorities in Bulgaria

[PDF] The Human Rights of Muslims in Bulgaria in Law and Politics since 1878

The plight of the Bulgarian Pomaks

28/12/06 EU accession may endanger Bulgaria's Religious Balance
27/12/06 Bulgarian Muslims wonder what EU entry holds
27/12/06 EU Entry Worries Bulgarian Muslims
27/07/06 Bulgarian MPs Slam Mosque Attack
31/08/06 Headscarf Dilemma Puzzles Bulgaria
24/07/05 Muslim Party Joins Bulgaria's Minority Government
22/06/05 Muslim Party Key Player in Bulgaria's Election
07/10/04 Bulgarian Muslim Infighting Fuels Fundamentalist Fears
01/12/03 Alerting Bulgaria
17/02/99 Bulgarian Schools To Offer Classes On Islam


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