Islam and Muslims in Kyrgyzstan

Capital: Bishkek
Population: 4.8 Million
Muslims Percent: 75% (approx 3.6 Million)

Islam in Kyrgyzstan

Crisis in Kyrgyzstan - Guardian Newspaper, UK

Kyrgyzstan: Human Rights Fact Sheet


05/08/2003 Investigation: Kyrgyz "Slaves" on Kazak Plantations - IWPR

11/07/2003 No Sex, Please, We're Kyrgyz - IWPR

04/07/2003 Kyrgyz President Gets Lifelong Immunity - IWPR

14/02/2002 The new religions in Kyrgyzstan republic - Pravda, Russia

31/08/2001 Trial Focuses Attention On Possible Uighur Repression

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