Black Magic and Islam

Islam and Magic

Magic and Fortune-Telling

Ruqyah(Raqaya) - A special curing prayer


Immunity and Protection against Black Magic

Ruqyah: How and When?

Black Magic: Rulings & Remedy

Believing the Harmful Effects of Magic

Is Magic the Reason for Remaining Unmarried?

Is It Possible to Contact the Spirits of the Dead?

Wearing Amulets

Seeking help from dead saints, etc for cure

How Islam Views the Use of 'Susuk'

Magic Shows to Entertain Children

Black Magic other questions

09/11/2008 Nigeria: Scandal of the children killed for 'witchcraft'
07/08/2007 Under the "Imperio" Spell
01/03/2007 Malawi Children Fall Prey to Witchcraft
21/02/2007 Satanism Surfaces In Morocco
15/07/2001 Teenage Black Magic Cult Exposed in Malaysia


Dua (Supplications)



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