Muslims in Sri Lanka

Capital: Colombo
Population: 19.7 Million
Muslims Percent: 7.5% (approx 1.5 Million)

Sri Lanka - Muslim History & General Statistics

Muslims of Sri Lanka

Communalisation of Muslims in Sri Lanka


19/08/03 - Osama squads to fight the LTTE

18/08/03 - Island's Muslim minority looking toward militancy to counter Tamils' growing power

18/08/03 - Muslims killed in Sri Lanka

23/05/01 The politics of Sinhala-Buddhist supremacy and majority rule - Tamil Guardian

07/05/01 Religious violence spreads in Sri Lanka - BBC

07/05/01 Sri Lanka Muslims issue ultimatum - BBC

04/05/01 - Sri Lanka's Capital under Curfew

03/05/01 Attacks shatter Mawanella Muslims - TamilNet

02/05/01 - Voilence follows Sri Lanka Curfew - BBC


Islam in Sri Lanka -

Islamic Family Law of Sri Lanka

Yahoo Group: Sri Lankan Muslims

Sri Lanka Muslims Portal

Sri Lanka Muslim Congress

Sri Lanka Government Site on Peace Process

Tamil Affairs Portal

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