Islam and Muslims in South Korea

Capital: Seoul
Population: 48.5 Million
Muslims Percent: 0.2% (Nearly 100,000)

History of Islam in Korea

Muslims Celebrate 50 Years in Korea

Seoul Central Masjid: Pillar of the Muslim Community

Farrukh Travels: To Attend a Khutbah in Seoul

An interview with 'Ayesha Kim, a Korean Convert to Islam

Photographs of Islam and Muslims in Korea

01/04/06 Dynamic Korea: Muslims, a minority among minorities - The Jakarta Post
27/02/06 Spreading Islam's Message of Peace
29/05/04 Ahead of Iraq Deployment, 37 Korean Troops Convert to Islam
29/05/05 Muslim Community Gets New Recognition - The Korea Times
22/11/02 Islam Takes Root and Blooms - The Korea Times
11/06/02 Muslim society in Korea is developing and growing
07/01/91 South Korea: Islam is this country's fastest growing religion. - Arab News


Korean Muslim Federation

Islam in Korea Website (English)

Islam in Korea Website (Korean)

Qur'an in Korean language (Korean)

Qur'an in Korean language (English)

Mosques in Korea

Prayer Times in Korea

Islam in Korea - Wikipedia


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