Islam and Muslims in Japan

Capital: Tokyo
Population: 127 Million
Muslims Percent: 0.2% (approx 250,000)

History of Islam in Japan

Japan and Islam - Hajji Mustafa Fujio Komura

Islam, the beacon of light in Japan

Marriages lead women into Islam in Japan

Ramadan in Japan

17/12/07 IOL Second Life Hajj Goes Japanese
18/06/06 Japan Joins Booming Islamic Banking
17/07/04 For Japanís Muslims, acceptance comes slowly - Daily Times, Pakistan
16/07/04 Japanese Muslims Try To Remove Tarnished Image
20/07/03 Two Japanese Women Become Muslim - Islam Online
24/05/01 Pakistan Presses Japan To Act On Anti-Muslim Racism


Islamic Center - Japan

Japan Islamic Trust

Mosques in Japan

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