China's Islamic Association celebrates 50th anniversary

( 2003-10-16 01:53) (Xinhua)

The Islamic Association of China ( IAC) held a

conference Wednesday in Beijing to celebrate its 50th


Vice-Premier Hui Liangyu encouraged the IAC to better

exercise patriotism, and contribute more to China's

stability and economic and social development. 

Speaking to the conference on behalf of the Communist

Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and the State

Council, Hui said the IAC performed well its role of

linking Muslims with the CPC and the government. It

has made great contributions to China's reunification

and social stability, said Hui. 

Hui called for Muslims, who have a fine tradition of

patriotism, to contribute more to the country's


The IAC should further explain and develop the active

side of the Islamic religion and culture to better

adjust to society, said Hui. 

Jia Qinglin, a member of the Standing Committee of the

Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee,

attended the conference and met with all the

representatives. Jia, also chairman of the National

Committee of the Chinese People's Political

Consultative Conference, expressed his congratulations

to the conference on behalf of the CPC Central

Committee and the State Council. 

Imam Chen Guangyuan, president of the IAC, delivered a

speech on China's Islam to the conference. 

The Islamic religion entered China over 1,300 years

ago, and now boasts 20.3 million Chinese members.


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